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Building the Complete Cob and Timber Cottage, May 11-24

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This fourteen-day building intensive will offer a complete introduction to all the skills you’ll need to complete a cob cottage from the foundation to the roof. This workshop offers a unique blend of construction experience in the fundamentals of building cob walls as well as equally important but frequently overlooked details such as plasters, floors, living roofs, and electrical.

You will also learn all the fundamentals of building load bearing cob walls, including designing and building a foundation, choosing materials, mixing cob by foot and with equipment, building walls, design and structural principals. The instructors will also guide us through the practical and theoretical aspects of building a round timber roof for our cob cottage. Timber will be harvested on site, peeled, cut and assembled into a roof during this workshop.

Roughly half of our time will be spent on new construction while the other half will focus on important (and often overlooked) finish work for natural buildings, including clay and lime plasters, earth floors, windows, earthen wall sculpture, artistic embellishments, and more. We will also include extended classroom sessions covering critical topics like building codes, electrical and plumbing installation, construction budget and schedule planning, etc. Full details at:

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