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What we’re about

Please read through the following to fully be “in the know” \

This group is for both, those who do not have their own kayak & gear AND those that have their own kayak & gear as well. It is always a good idea to paddle with a group, specially a group that has their own outfitter and a certified kayaking instructor on board.
We host day trips to unique paddling destinations throughout North East & Central Florida.
If you have your own kayak, then there's an event fee of typically $5 to bring your own kayak to the destination and paddle with us in a group setting. (Please note other outfitters are doing this for $20).
If you don't have a kayak, then YOU CAN RENT A KAYAK from Neat Livin, LLC. Reservations can be made either online on Neat Livin Meet Up or by calling Moe directly. Moe will outfit you according to your preference, height and weight with a quality, clean and sanitized kayak and deliver it to our destination the day of the event. Don't forget to mention you're member of the Neat Livin meetup group to receive a sweet 10% off rentals :)

We are a group of humble paddlers that want to have a good time on the water and treat each other with Grace and Respect. \

If this doesn't sound like you, then do not join the group.

Please note that the group organizer reserves the right to remove any member (paying or non-paying) for any reason and at anytime.
Looking forward to seeing you on the water :)