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Information Radiators (Node.js, Raspberry PI, Socket.IO) presented by Rob Hruska

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One of the first things that people see when they walk through the doors of the Hudl office is a huge, vibrant, white number staring up at them from the floor: our current website user count, ticking up and down in real-time ( Projected onto walls and floors throughout our offices are other nuggets of information that give people at-a-glance insight into what’s currently going on within our company and our applications.

In this session we will:

Dig into the Node.js server and code at the heart of the project. Demonstrate how to add data sources and displays to the app to make your own awesome dashboards. Talk about the nuances and setup of the Raspberry Pi clients that connect to and drive the projector. (The project was inspired by Redbox’s current rental count dashboard, via Martin Fowler (

Rob Hruska is a Software Engineer for Nebraska’s fastest growing private company (, Hudl ( He’s hugely active on Stack Overflow (over 27K rep!) ( and also a partner at Fantasy Disc Golf ( You can also find him on Twitter ( and GitHub (

We will also be doing a bragging-rights live rematch of bots from the top two competitors from last month’s FightCodeGame Tank Battle: ”No” vs ”Sreebot”. The previous finals are available on YouTube (

After the meetup, we’ll have Beer.js (drinks/appetizers/etc) over at DJ’s Dugout next door!

1919 Aksarben Drive · Omaha, NE