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"Ideas and microgrants": Discuss your ideas, learn about grant funding.

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"Ideas and microgrants": Discuss your ideas, learn about grant funding.


Calling all of Colorado’s technology thinkers and builders!

• Have you had an idea for a blockchain-based project, but haven’t really found the motivation to cut into your free time by working on weeknights or weekends?
• Do you want to build a decentralized product, but don’t have the technological wherewithal to get started?

The upcoming NEO Colorado event is attended to be informal and discussion-oriented. The "ideas and microgrants" seeks to help your ideas and projects come to life, by offering technical and funding support.

COZ and Moonlight co-founder, Tyler Adams, will be on-hand to share experiences building his dApp, COZ projects, and discuss the COZ micro grant program.

This event is intends to be informal, to generate and refine project ideas, which can eventually be used to submit a COZ grant proposal to fund the project. NEO Colorado aims to open lines of communication for longer term support.

In May 2019, Tyler delivered a presentation to the NEO Colorado and Colorado blockchain community. The presentation described the COZ community developer group, workshops, dApp competitions, as well as Tyler's experience building Moonlight, a decentralized workforce platform.

More information about Tyler, COZ, and the microgrant program can be found in the link below:

Tentative Agenda:

• Beer and Introductions
• Discuss Tyler’s background, COZ, and grant program
• Use case/tool idea generation
• Discuss each use case for 10 minutes then move on to another
• Describe technical and editorial support for potential grant applications

NEO Colorado looks forward to becoming a hub of innovation and support for building your dApps and other decentralized products!

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