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Do you enjoy warm-weather hiking, biking or paddling in gorgeous natural environments? Do you like to get away for a week or two from the dreary rain and cold in BC from November-March? If so, consider joining our group of neo-nomads.

Our getaways usually take us to California, Arizona, Mexico or Hawaii, or other sunny climes. Detailed research helps us identify beautiful areas there, such as desert canyons, ancient forests, pristine grasslands, rugged coastlines or alpine meadows.

We fly to the closest major airport, rent a vehicle and drive to our destination, and set up camp in tents, hammocks, vehicles and huts on the edge of the wildlands, or hike into them and camp there. Sometimes we rent a beautiful home close to trailheads. Group size is usually 3-6 people.

Our daily exploration usually covers 8-12 kilometers per day. If we are backpacking into an area, the hike is rarely more than an hour.

We eat communally, planning the menu before we leave and buying food in the town nearest the wildland destination. Some basecamps have tables, toilets and water supply. Others have no amenities — we take a trowel for toileting. We have all the communal gear. You would need a tent, sleeping bag and mat, day pack, and backpack or duffle bag for transporting your gear and some of the communal gear.

Our daily schedule roughly looks like this:
0800 group meditation (optional)
0830 breakfast and group check-in
1000 start hiking, biking or paddling the area
1230 lunch and hangout in the wildlands
1400 start return to base
1630 open time at camp
1830 dinner and group chat
2000 open time: stargazing, wine around the fire, moonlight hikes.

We try to find basecamps that have 2-4 daytrips from there. In a 7 day trip from Vancouver we would usually have two basecamps.

A key part of the fun of our adventures is connecting with other people. We seek folks who enjoy:
1) exploring beautiful natural areas
2) open and honest communication
3) some quiet time in camp
4) helping with camp chores
5) making new friends.

We are looking to expand our neo-nomad tribe. If you are interested, please private message one of the organizers.

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