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Whooping Crane Festival Camp and Kayaking

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Price: $15.00 /per person
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RSVP here to pay for the camping portion of this weekend. $15 covers your campsite and your contribution to firewood.

This weekend will involve primitive beach camping at I.B. Magee Beach Park in Port Aransas, riding a ferry, visiting the The University of Texas Marine Science Institute, enjoying the Whooping Crane Festival in Port Aransas, visiting some protected wetland birding habitats, watching a large diversity of migrating water fowl who winter here in Texas (including cranes, herons, egrets, ducks, spoonbills, and more), as well as possible kayaking, swimming, and a private Whooping Crane boat tour! This is going to be a blast!

Come and see the largest wild Whooping Crane flock in the world. The tallest birds in North America (some reach over 5 feet!), these birds numbered only 16 in 1941. Today, their numbers are still precarious. They could still be wiped from the planet by man-made influences or natural disasters. The only wild wintering flock is found right here on the Texas coast. They have tried to establish flocks in other places with limited success...partly because people still break the law and shoot them. Two teenagers were arrested last year for shooting 10 cranes that were part of a protected species reintroduction program in Louisiana. There are approximately 200 pairs of cranes in the wild and about 160 captive birds. Growing up on the Texas coast, I have been fortunate to see these birds in the wild on multiple occasions. They are incredibly beautiful and majestic, and I would love for you all to get the chance to see them. There will be many other sea birds and wildlife as well. The boat tour part of this weekend will be between 4-6 hours and will take us out to multiple protected islands for a unique experience that the average person will never get to witness. The private boat tour will be first thing Sunday morning. Only 6 people will be able to attend this, so RSVP for it quickly. The cost is $100 a piece. Our boat captain will take us wherever we want and will allow us to stay at each spot as long as we like.

This year we are going at the height of Whooping Crane season. Last year we went a bit late and only saw a few of the cranes. However, it was still an amazing trip with lots of birds and wildlife to see. I took most of the photos here on our last trip.