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Nov 9, 2016


Co-founder & host: NerdBrew Events. Marketer, writer, designer, web dev, lifelong gamer, Tampanian, possible ghost.

What's your favorite Nerdy thing?

Video games! I play nearly anything, but love stealth games like Dishonored, strategy games like Pharaoh or Crusader Kings II, single-player FPS/action games like Half Life 2, action-RPGs like Witcher III, VR games for the Vive, or indie games like Rimworld/DF, Her Story, Starbound, or Halcyon 6. I'm also a gigantic, blithering idiot for Star Trek:TNG, Indiana Jones, Rick & Morty, Breaking Bad, Song of Ice & Fire, and tons of other crap. My interests are vast, and I probably am quite familiar with nearly anything you're into. :)