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The Nerdy Witches Study Group began as a magickal element study initiated by Slate in 2012. The study was anticipated to be a year long with focus on each element in turn. The first meeting was Slate and Moonbear discussing the topics and the process in September of 2012. The group grew little by little with people joining the sessions when topics interested them and some staying for more.

As our group evolved the notion of ending the study group after the year of elemental study was put to the side. Some time along the way we started calling ourselves the Nerdy Witches. Today we focus on magickal practices of all kinds. We meet monthly and develop the topic selections through an all group survey.

This group is for people who love to talk about the craft. We select topics for our sessions then get together to share and learn about the craft of the wise. The group is for all experience levels and the participants represent various traditions and come from both coven trained as well as self taught. There really is something for everyone who is “geeky about the craft” to gain within our discussions.

We look forward to many years of studying and working together.

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