May 26 - Mobile & Nonprofits: Best Practices, Lessons Learned

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How are organizations leveraging mobile for communications, outreach and more? What are the best practices for creating mobile responsive websites? When does it make sense for organizations to create a mobile app? When should organizations design a mobile site on the side if they don't have money for a full redesign?

Advocacy organizations may use text messaging campaigns to get their supporters to take action. Some organizations may decide that they want to create a mobile app to stay in touch with their supporters and push out notifications.

In this panel discussion, we will have speakers who will touch on different best practices and lessons learned for various approaches to mobile.

The presentations will be followed by a Q&A with the panel.


Chad Capellman, Digital Strategist with Taoti Creative (, will share case studies for mobile responsive sites, the challenges and opportunities that exist from the user interface design perspective, and about Google's recent changes related to mobile-friendly websites and whether or not it’s fair to characterize it as “Mobilegeddon.”

Jasmine Sante, Web & Mobile Strategy Consultant & Web Content Mavens ( Organizer, will share how to create a positive user experience on mobile, communicate your brand and meet your organization's goals by making everything work together, including email, social media, website and other tools & properties.

Sean McDonald, CEO of FrontlineSMS (, will share the way to build user experiences across mobile platforms, using case studies, methodologies, and the transformative impact from Frontline's 10 years of experience.

Matt Bowen, Senior Software Engineer with the American Legacy Foundation (, will talk about a suite of products legacy has developed in-house to help people quit smoking, including a text messaging platform, mobile app, and responsive marketing site.

Michael Sabat, VP of Business with Mobile Commons (, will discuss the most proven uses for mobile communications and share two success stories.