• Google Analytics for Nonprofits

    Broad Community Connections

    Join the Nonprofit Tech Club New Orleans for their February meeting. Drake Glatter and Eric Knoepfler of Deep Fried Advertising will present a general overview of Google Analytics, cover some of the basics on getting started and specific uses that could benefit a Nonprofit of any size or sector. All levels of experience are encouraged to attend whether you have yet to setup GA or if you are a GA expert. Agenda 8:00 am Coffee and Conversation 8:30 am Presentation 9:20 am Conclude Broad Community Connections, Community Room Enter from the parking lot on top of the Whole Foods 300 N Broad Street New Orleans, 70119 Who is the Nonprofit Tech Club New Orleans? The New Orleans Nonprofit Tech Club provides free, friendly events for nonprofit staffers to learn about technology. Join us to meet up with your peers to talk about tech and program management, fundraising and development, marketing and communications, leadership, and, of course, IT. NTC New Orleans is 1 of 22 local Tech Club groups located across the US and Canada and is sponsored by the Nonprofit Technology Network (NTEN). The club meets bi-monthly and is open to all. Visit the local page to learn more and to see info from past events: https://local.nten.org/new-orleans/

  • Glossophobics Anonymous (or How to Hone your Public Speaking Skills)

    The importance of making a point has never been so prominent. These days, the ability to communicate effectively has the power to enrich both your personal and professional life, as well as influence the outside world. Thankfully, there's a group that has been working with New Orleanians on the art of the presenting for 75 years, and is coming to share their tips and tricks with Net2NO (just in time to prep for BarCampNOLA). We're excited to welcome the New Orleans Toastmasters to our June meetup. On June 1st (the exact 75 year anniversary of the group) three speakers will be featured, with examples highlighting a motivational speech and two inspirational speeches - all while providing the group with the do's and don't's of public speaking. • Advanced speaker Anthony Sariol will be giving one of his award winning motivational speeches. • Decorated and past official, and current Training and Development Manager, Rebecca Arnett will be giving a speech about her career through Toastmasters. • Toastmaster member Eva Nusbaum will be giving her 10th speech from the Toastmaster manuals, a celebrated occasion for all Toastmasters! Special thanks to New Orleans Toastmasters Club 234 for also providing snacks and drinks for the meetup. As with all Net2NO meetups, the event is free and open to anyone. Please share and invite others that you feel would enjoy the content and networking. We're looking forward to seeing you on Thursday, June 1st!

  • Join us for the Code for New Orleans and Map meetup!

    LaunchPad's NEW Location!

  • The Maker's Movement in NOLA is Making Waves

    LaunchPad's NEW Location!

    The maker movement is alive and well in New Orleans. Groups are getting together regularly to build, tinker and create. They even have their own Makers of NO Slack channel! This expanding interest is open for all to explore and enjoy during the upcoming New Orleans Mini Maker Faire (http://neworleans.makerfaire.com/), scheduled for April 22nd. This is billed as a gathering of fascinating, curious people who enjoy learning and who love sharing what they can do. From engineers to artists to scientists to crafters, Maker Faire is a venue for these “makers” to show hobbies, experiments, projects. If the upcoming maker faire is "mini", then we invite you to a "micro" look into this exciting and inquisitive community. We hope you can join us! What and Why of Makers *Presented by Christopher Huddleston The maker movement may be branded as an up and coming movement, but is it really new, or just a re-branding of the time honored tradition of “if you can’t or don’t want to buy it, make it”, DIY. Christopher Huddleston has been a maker, like many, since he was a kid. Now as a member of Makers of NO (http://makersofno.la/), he has joined a community of likeminded individuals makering in new and unique ways. From modifying a toilet paper roll to building from scratch a microcomputer, being a maker is a great way to extend ones abilities. Chris will be discussing the history of makers groups in NOLA, Makers of NO's mission, projects, and the upcoming Maker Faire. Followed by a presentation by Minka Stoyanova Minka Stoyanova is an artist-thinker and philosopher-maker. Her internet-informed, cross-media, and often performative practice uses recursion and appropriation to investigate the construction of identity in our techno-social milieu. Currently completing a PhD in Creative Media at City University of Hong Kong, she has lived and worked in Hong Kong, Bulgaria, Scotland and New Orleans. Minka is an alumna of the Fulbright Research Scholar program in Bulgaria, where she worked with local artists, hackers, startups, and community organizers to find and create positive cross-overs between their respective communities. In addition to a number solo exhibitions and academic publications, Minka's work has appeared in a variety of international venues including: Clockenflap Music Festival (Hong Kong), the International Symposium of Electronic Art (Hong Kong), Transmediale (Berlin), Videoholica (Bulgaria), FutureEverything (Manchester), Biennial of Young Artists (Romania), and Voodoo Music Festival (New Orleans). As a self-referential chimera, Minka’s work seeks a precipitous balance between technology, pop-culture, chaos, and revolution. In this talk, Minka will be discussing some of her more recent work including using programming to glitch images taken from social media, creating works that exist in both physical and internet space, as well as her recent performance work using EEG brain scanners.

  • Hack Night - GNOCode - Net2NO : Meetup Extravaganza

    LaunchPad's NEW Location!

    Come see Ben Lavender, Cory Fabre, and Adele Tiblier exchange the history of these great meetups, and see how the interwoven nerds and entrepreneurs have risen to success in this great city.

  • The Mother of All Meetups Returns to Present The Power of the Presentation

    New Year, New Location, New Blood. First, I'm excited to welcome Gant Laborde as the new co-organizer of Net2NO. He's already got content lined up for months to come, so mark your calendars for the First Tuesday of the month starting in March. In other big news, Net2NO's new home - The BRAND NEW LaunchPad meetup space. And now, a bit about our presenter: Kenny Nguyen, the CEO/cofounder of ThreeSixtyEight (http://t.sidekickopen70.com/e1t/c/5/f18dQhb0SmZ58dDMPbW2n0x6l2B9nMJW7sM9dn7dK_MMdBzM2-04?t=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.threesixtyeight.is%2F&si=5685181533650944&pi=62d60219-3e9b-4454-c161-f30002505199), a digital experience agency whose client list includes GE, TED, Verizon, McGraw-Hill, Nationwide Insurance, Edelman PR, CenturyLink and Unilever, prior to which he founded Big Fish Presentations (http://t.sidekickopen70.com/e1t/c/5/f18dQhb0SmZ58dDMPbW2n0x6l2B9nMJW7sM9dn7dK_MMdBzM2-04?t=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.bigfishpresentations.com%2F&si=5685181533650944&pi=62d60219-3e9b-4454-c161-f30002505199), a company whose mantra is “turning presentations into experiences.” Kenny and his entrepreneurial tips been featured on TEDx, Hubspot Inbound Conference, General Assembly, Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine, Yahoo, Business Insider, Mashable, Huffington Post, and the Washington Post. He was named the 2012 CEO Student Entrepreneur of the Year by Collegiate Entrepreneurs Organization (CEO). During his leadership, Big Fish Presentations was recognized as one of the top 50 student-led startups in the world by the Kairos Society and one of Inc. Magazine's "Coolest College Start-Ups of 2012." He has spoken at Google, TEDxLSU, General Assembly, and HubSpot's Inbound conference. He is a co-author of McGraw-Hill published book The Big Fish Experience: Create Memorable Presentations that Reel in Your Audience (http://t.sidekickopen70.com/e1t/c/5/f18dQhb0SmZ58dDMPbW2n0x6l2B9nMJW7sM9dn7dK_MMdBzM2-04?t=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.thebigfishexperience.co%2F&si=5685181533650944&pi=62d60219-3e9b-4454-c161-f30002505199). For links to his and his team's work, check out their Clutch profile here (http://t.sidekickopen70.com/e1t/c/5/f18dQhb0SmZ58dDMPbW2n0x6l2B9nMJW7sM9dn7dK_MMdBzM2-04?t=https%3A%2F%2Fclutch.co%2Fprofile%2Fthreesixtyeight&si=5685181533650944&pi=62d60219-3e9b-4454-c161-f30002505199). Event Flow The meeting will have the same format as we always have: 6:00 - 7:00 pm • Check in (i.e. make yourself a nametag), grab a beer, and network. • If you can get there a bit early, Katy Tackett with LaunchPad will be doing tours of the new space. So if you or someone you know is looking for a killer new coworking space, this is a great time to see what they've cooked up. 7:00 - 8:30 • Introductions of noobs to the group, announcements and then the presentation portion of the event followed by Q&A. 8:30 - 9:00 • More casual networking (and of course drinking). I'm excited to get this rolling again, and especially to have help and place to call home to make it happen.

  • Eighth Annual Mini BarCamp Meetup

    G&O Foods

    It has been way too long since we've all gotten together, shared a frosty beverage and exchanged war stories - and there is no better reason to get things rolling again than Mini BarCamp (combined with a local business's willingness to host). Heard of BarCampNOLA? (http://www.barcampnola.com (http://www.barcampnola.com/)) Ever wondered what a BarCamp "unconference" is like? Find out at a special Net2NO Meetup - the Eighth Annual MiniBar. What happens at MiniBar you ask? We attempt to squeeze the excitement, education and entertainment of BarCampNola into one action packed hour with three mini presentations. Mini BarCamp Lineup - Updated June 11 Three presenters will provide a glimpse of the variety and types of talks that are offered during BarCampNewOrleans. These usually center around Tech and Community. Tech Presentation Speaker: Kaben Nanlohy – Lead Engineer at Entrescan (http://entrescan.com/) Topic: Doing It Well, When You Don’t Know What The Hell You’re Doing Description: Scandy is a company writing state-of-the-art computer software in computer vision, and yet, none of us are computer-vision experts. In this talk we’ll learn what makes it possible for startups like ours to excel, despite working in fields so new that there’s almost no expertise or workforce Community Presentation Speaker: Tung Bach Ly – Web Manager at the City of New Orleans (http://www.nola.gov/) Topic: Imagine if we loved our city government as much as we love our city Description: 5 ways people can nurture their loving relationships: Respect, Touch, Communication, Compromise, Attentiveness. Tung Ly, the City of New Orleans Web Manager, gives tips on how you can stay in love. MORE ABOUT BARCAMP #BarCampNOLA9 is happening on July 16th (location to be announced). Still not sure what a "BarCamp is? To sum it up, BarCampNola is a yearly “unconference” that brings passionate people together to share what they love with the community. While it initially started off with a more tech focus, the event has grown into more than that and welcomes anybody who wants to discuss their favorite topics or subject matter.

  • Gather Ye Makers, Printers, and Tinkerers

    Peter Mayer Advertising

    UPDATE: Did we mention you'll be able to Tweet with a shot machine? SRSLY. To kick off a fresh batch of Net2NO get togethers, we're taking a field trip. Join us August 11 for our talk on Makers, Printers, and Creatives, hosted by Peter Mayer's Tinker Lab (http://tinker.peteramayer.com/) at 318 Camp St. With one foot in traditional/analog media and the other in all things digital, we'll be hearing this month from entrepreneurs, innovators and start-ups working at the intersection of the physical/digital realms. Join us for free beer, shots of whiskey and great conversation on the advances taking place for makers, creatives, and everyone in between. About Our Speakers: Idiya -- www.myidiya.com (http://www.myidiya.com/) IDIYA the first makerspace of its kind to hit New Orleans. This workshop and design studio provides members with access to education, tools, and a creative community in the interest of fostering innovation in fabricators, hobbyists, artists, entrepreneurs and DIY’ers. IDIYA features the latest in professional grade advanced manufacturing and prototyping equipment accessible. What kind of equipment, you might be wondering? Everything from CNC Milling, Lathes, Drill Presses, Band Saws, hand tools, plastic and Woodworking, Electronics testing, to 3D Printers, 3D Scanners, CNC Laser Cutters, Vinyl Cutter/Plotter, T-Shirt Screen Printing, and more. If you can dream it, you can build it. Which is exactly what Domenic Giunta, the maker of this makerspace, has done for the community. Get the lowdown on how you can discover your inner tinkerer, and see some of the amazing things that are being made in New Orleans. EntreScan-- www.entrescan.com (http://entrescan.com/) EntreScan is your complete source for 3D Printing in South Louisiana! Expand your business, increase productivity and drive revenue by taking advantage of this next-generation technology. 3D printers reduce prototyping costs, shorten development times and open new markets, improving ROI in nearly every industry. EntreScan is the sole provider for the state of Louisiana of 3D Systems 3D printers, the leader and inventor of 3D printing technology. Let us help you find the printing solution that will best benefit your business. Peter Mayer Advertising -- www.tinker.peteramayer.com (http://tinker.peteramayer.com/) Tinker is the lab at Peter Mayer (http://www.peteramayer.com/). It's where the agency explores new modes of interaction, communication and storytelling. It's a hub for collaboration, research and innovation.

  • Putting NOLA on the Product Hunt Map

    The Irish House

    Have you heard of Product Hunt? If not, you have no idea what you're missing. Product Hunt surfaces the best new products, every day. It's a place for product-loving enthusiasts to share and geek out about the latest mobile apps, websites, hardware projects, and tech creations. During this month's meetup: • We discuss what Product Hunt is • Highlight local's that have used it as a part of their own launch strategies • Learn from their experience • Discuss how we might increase visibility for more "Made in New Orleans" apps, sites, and other products on this global stage. Speakers to be announced. If you are New Orleans-based and your product has been listed on Product Hunt, tweet me (http://www.twitter.com/net2no). Interested in Sponsoring? Expose your company, group, or event to over 1,100 tech, design and creative New Orleans professionals. Email for details ([masked]). Ultimately, we'd like to see this as the start of a Product Hunt NOLA meetup group which would allow a handful of makers (what Product Hunt calls creators) each month to do 5 minute product demos, answer audience questions, then leaving time for attendees to hang out and approach Makers to take a closer look at their creations.

  • Let's Get the Band Back Together For Drinks

    Bulldog Grill

    Hey, Net2NO. How are y'all? It's been too long since we all got together to enjoy some tech talk. Let's fix that. Our friends with the Advertising Club of New Orleans are getting a bunch of groups together for the Second Annual Networks and Drinks Because We Want To. The Ad Club, PRSA, AIGA, Press Club, and Net2NO will be getting together to meet and mingle. We'll have some free snackables to accompany the drinks. It's a cash bar this time, but the Bull Dog is reasonable, and there will also be specials. Here are the details. We look forward to seeing you there. Consider this the start of a beautiful renewed friendship. Date: Thursday June 11 Time: 6pm – 9pm Location: Bulldog Mid-City, private patio in the back