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2020's Digital Marketing and Technology Trends for Nonprofits

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Elijah van der G.
2020's Digital Marketing and Technology Trends for Nonprofits


What are the top emerging trends in digital and how will nonprofits be impacted?

Where should we focus our attention (and resources) in 2020?

Join us for a fast-paced evening of Ignite-style mini-presentations on the trends, tools, and techniques nonprofits should use to create more impact.

Plus, we'll be crowdsourcing topics from the audience. So let us know if you have an emerging topic to share. Ping me at


  • Jessica Evans: Writing email for mobile audiences
  • Eric Arsenault: Distributed Community Management via Blockchain and DAO.
  • Amanda Webster: Why nonprofits should pay attention to AR
  • Shoni Field: Testing as a lifestyle
  • Eric Franzo: Trends in volunteering
  • Mel Bilko: AI and Machine Learning for donor insights
  • Leah Chang: eLearning! Taking advantage of FREE learning delivery platforms to create staff, constituent, or board training
  • Peter Craigen: Why Branding Your Donation Page is Important
  • Tamara Rahmani: Donating Securities and Mutual Funds Simplified
  • Junette Tan: Increasing Online Engagement
  • Wes Martin: Leveraging Influencers for Digital Marketing Campaigns
Photo of NetSquared Vancouver: Tech4Good + Nonprofits group
NetSquared Vancouver: Tech4Good + Nonprofits
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