• .NET Conf - Focus on Microservices

    Needs a location

    Virtual Event: Tune in for .NET Conf: Focus on Microservices! https://focus.dotnetconf.net The .NET Conf team is bringing you another ".NET Conf: Focus" event Thursday, July 30th that features industry experts that are working on designing and building microservice-based applications, tools, and frameworks. We finalized the agenda, speakers, and our wonderful hosts. We've got an amazing lineup for you to listen to and learn from. As a bonus, we're also offering a FREE, 6-hour, deep-dive workshop the next day (Friday, July 31st ).

  • Microsoft Build | 48-hour digital event - Day 1

    Online event

    Come partake in the Microsoft Build developer conference live stream event on May 19th stating at 9 am Mountain Time https://mybuild.microsoft.com/

  • Tyler Crandall - Introduction to Common Intermediate Language

    This presentation will introduce you the concepts of Common Intermediate Language and to take advantage of the technologies that remains mostly transparent to the developers on .Net Framework, the Just In Time Compiler. Anytime you run a C# application (except in certain scenarios such as IL2CPP and Ahead of Time compilation from Mono), you're running your C# code on top of JIT Compiler which is responsible for translating your compiled code, the Common Intermediate Language code into machine code. Because that we have that existing compiler that we can leverage it to generate new code while our application is running and that give us a whole new avenue to solving complex problems and further improve your application performance and efficiency overall. I am Tyler Crandall, I am a deaf programmer, I have been working with C# on Linux for little over 10 years professionally and I've been working on my specialty of working with compiler and advanced concepts in programming involving Linux Kernel and compiler development. I am an employee and co-owner of GoTech.us company which is preparing to launch as a programming company. I work on just about every stack you can think of, because I don't usually have the luxury to pick the technology I want to use in contract works and I have more exposure to different technologies and languages seen on Linux programming ecosystems, so I have experience working on NoSQL(MongoDB, RavenDB, etc), MySQL, PostgreSQL, MariaDB, SQLite, KVM, Docker, Vagrant, Ruby, Python, PHP, C#, C/C++, DLang, Rust, WinForm, GTK, QT5, SDL2, Julia, Haskell, F#, VB.Net, VB6, ASP.Net WebForm, ASP.Net MVC, Kestrel, Apache, Nginx, Kore.IO, TreeFrog Framework, Perl, CUDA, OpenCL, Vulkan, OpenGL, DirectX, and so forth

  • .Net Conf 2019 Syndication Watch Party


    Come Join us at the Microsoft Boise office to kick off .Net Conf: .NET Conf is a FREE, virtual developer event co-organized by the .NET community and Microsoft. This year .NET Core 3.0 will launch at .NET Conf 2019! Come celebrate and learn about the new release. You won't want to miss this one. You will learn to build for web, mobile, desktop, games, services, libraries and more for a variety of platforms and devices all with .NET. We have sessions for everyone, no matter if you are just beginning or are a seasoned engineer. We’ll have presentations on .NET Core and ASP.NET Core, C#, F#, Azure, Visual Studio, Xamarin, and much more. There will be Free parking in the dirt lot south of the Microsoft building.

  • Brian Lagunas - Getting Started with Blazor


    IN this session we will see what it takes to install and create Blazor applications. We'll even play with a few features such as data binding, navigation, validation, and dependency injection to name a few.

  • Intro to message and event based architecture


    We are going to look at how you can incorporate message based architecture into your applications. Specifically look at Service Bus messaging using Pub/Sub topic subscription filtering, message queues, and message relays. We will also touch on how messaging patterns can be used with event based triggers. The content is applicable to really any modern language but the code samples will be in .Net Core and running in Azure for all to ping. We will leave room for plenty of Q&A so please come with lots of questions if messaging based architecture is new to you. Thank you Scott Nichols

  • Microsoft Build conference announcements and updates

    The Microsoft Build developer conference was last week and many announcements and updates were made regarding the Microsoft development ecosystem. We will spend this time reviewing the key takeaways from this three day event. Scott Nichols from Microsoft will be leading the discussion and providing material to review.

  • Russel Hooker: Mobx: an OO way to handle state in React with Asp Core API

    Managing state in a quick and scalable way is difficult within React. There are several options out there to utilize including the native ContextApi. Mobx is a solution that allows a more object-oriented approach with mutable state. We will be looking at the way that Mobx can increase development speed and give great development experience using observable state. We will build a small application using .Net core's react template and react with Mobx managed state to give both some high level and hands on understanding of the power of Mobx. If you are interested in looking into Mobx a bit ahead here is a link to their git repo. https://github.com/mobxjs/mobx

  • Cloud Talk: Exploring Microsoft Azure together


    This week come join us for Pizza and Refreshments for a two part Azure discussion. We would like to open the meeting with a discussion on how our members are using Azure to solve innovative business problems as well as an open forum to discuss best practices for how Azure can be used; Come with questions, looking for some engaging discussions from Azure experts as well as newcomers. The second half of the meeting we will have a presentation on the best ways to utilize Windows container based applications in Azure. Your facilitator will be Scott Nichols who is a Cloud Solution Architect (CSA) who works for Microsoft supporting Sothern Idaho.

  • Andrew Hanson - Real Time Dashboards with ASP.NET Core SignalR and React

    ASP.NET Core SignalR is an open-source library that simplifies adding real-time web functionality to applications. In this presentation we'll investigate how SignalR enables us to create dynamic and personalized web dashboards