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About Networking Events Club (NEC)

NEC brings together hundreds of expats and local professionals in town to Network, Socialize and exchange contacts.

With over 37,000 wechat followers, hundreds of attendees from top 500 foreign and local companies. Networking Events Club (NEC) creates an event that will take your breath away.

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Event Guideline

We expect all our members to be active and to at least attend our events once a month.

If you RSVP for an event, please make sure to show up.

By taking part in our events, you acknowledge the right of Networking Events Club to publish any photographs or film footage taken at NEC events, on the NEC events Websites and/or on any platform permitted by NEC. Should the user wish to refuse the same, the user must clearly express this wish to the photographer or cameraman at the event. Should the user wish to have NEC remove a photograph already published on the NEC Website, the user must contact NEC by wechat or by Email.

Upcoming events (1)

NEC Annual Boat Party in Shanghai

Zhongshan East 2nd Road

It’s the return of the NEC Annual boat party in Shanghai! We’ve added new entertainment experiences to sweeten your Weekend with Breathtaking views of the Shanghai's Skyline NEC年度游艇派对!让您的周末更加有意义,欣赏上海美丽的浦东浦西黄浦江夜景 When: 22nd June 2019, Saturday Boarding Time: 7pm-8pm Cruising Time: 8:30pm - 10:30pm 时间: 2019年6月22日,星期六 登船时间:晚上7:00-8:00 航行时间:晚上8:30-10:30 ENTERTAINMENT 3.5 hours on the Yacht with breathtaking views of Shanghai by night 3 Floors of Music by DJ Kenneth Moogie South Africa and DJ Chris from South Korea, will be taking you around the world with the best lineup,mashup and hit songs from Asia to North/South America, stop by Europe and Africa 娱乐 3.5小时的上海浦东浦西黄浦江美丽夜景 来自南非的DJ Kenneth Moogie和来自韩国的DJ Chris将用世界最流行的音乐带你环游从亚洲到北美/南美,再到欧洲和非洲,你将听到最佳阵容、混搭和热门歌曲 还有巴西最流行、最性感、最精彩的舞蹈表演 DRINKS: Free flow (Imported Beer, Wine , sparkling wine, Soft drink) 酒水畅饮(进口啤酒、葡萄酒、起泡酒、软饮料) Amazing Brazilian Samba performance by Renata from Brazil Guests dressed in a Black OR White OR RED OR A MIXTURE OF ALL Outdoor deck exclusive 360 degree view of the city Photographers and Videographers awaiting you 着装:黑色、白色、红色或黑白红混搭 360度浦东浦西黄浦江夜景 摄影师和摄像师在这里等你 想要参加此次活动,请抓紧时间购票,购票紧张哦 THIS EVENT WILL SELL OUT TICKETING INFO ADMISSION ICKETING INFO ADISSION RMB 188 Early Bird (40 tickets ) SOLD OUT 已售罄 RMB 200 General (10 tickets)SOLD OUT 已售罄 RMB 220 General (25 tickets) SOLD OUT 已售罄 AVAILABLE TICKET 258RMB General (1 TICKET 1张门票) 还有票AVAILABLE Group Ticket 1,188RMB General (5 TICKETs 5张门票 ) 还有票AVAILABLE 2000RMB General (10 TICKETs 10张门票) 还有票AVAILABLE Click this link to purchase ticket: https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/IAzqFHPQRSI6SuJiWsqkkw?scene=25#wechat_redirect

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