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What we’re about

New Beginnings Desis !
This is a community for South Asians.
Your group for support, re-joy, refresh, rebuild after experiencing life changing events like divorce, widowed, separation. We all come from different backgrounds with a vision of building a new beginnings community support group, where we can help each other for reaching out new friends or social not end up feeling lonely, stressed, and kind of a lost. it is great to feel we have there is someone listen to you, to understand you.

This is a New beginnings singles group for every one who going through New beginnings like singles-again, lost better half , divorce or separation, widow hood, single parents.

Some times we take things granted, in separation we learn lessons but late. You don't know who is important to you until you actually lose them.

This is a support group of fellow members to listen to you without any judgment.
And everyone relates to it in their own way as every one is unique but common values of compassion and kindness, support and respect for each other!!!

Welcome All!!!