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Welcome to New England Common Ground, an ambitious new meetup aimed at improving politics throughout New England. In a nutshell, this is an attempt at starting a new organization for voters who consider themselves political independents as well as anyone looking for better alternatives.

It turns out that independent voters are the majority in our region, and in particular Massachusetts has the highest proportion of independent voters in the country at 55%. The other five states of New England have similar proportions, ranging from 33%-42%. If you were to add up the total number of independent voters in the six states you would see that this number totals over four million. Over four million voters!

Why hasn't there been an organization dedicated to these people? This is something I've been thinking about for a long time. Unfortunately, I haven't found a good answer. So I am taking the initiative and I'm asking you, if you see the value in this, to take the initiative along with me.

This meetup takes major inspiration from the concept of the New England Town Hall Meeting. As such, this meetup welcomes everyone to participate in open discussion of matters of public concern. Whether you are conservatively leaning or progressively leaning, or something else, everyone is allowed to express their thoughts in a town hall like venue.

One major problem with the current political process is the lack of venue where public matters can be discussed in the spirit consistent with the First Amendment.

A second major problem with the current political process is the lack of electoral competition, most significantly at the State House level. This year in Massachusetts, 120 law makers will face no opposition for their public office. A very long term goal for this meetup-project could be to find leaders who can compete in these uncontested elections.

More problems exist, and should be discussed at our meetups, which will be held on local town commons. For the sake of a brief introduction, I will leave it there for now. If you are interested in joining an innovative political meetup, please join New England Common Ground.

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