Git Fest

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Thursday 23rd of April the first Git Fest Night will take place in Boston at the McGraw Hill Education Labs close to South Station.

During the event, after an introductory talk we are going to see on the stage folks talking about Git ant its usage from different perspectives.

In the introductory talk Aslihan Uzun will present a look at the unique aspects of Turkish culture and related issues in New England, and her perspective on the lives and community of people of Turkish heritage.

Food and beverages will be in line with the culture introduced during the event.


Practicing Git [Zach Shaw (]
"Improvement through practice" is the mission of the Boston Software Craftsmanship Group. In our last few sessions we've focused on how to practice SCM and manipulating Git's DAG. Tonight I'll walk you through two exercises you can easily run by yourself or in a group.
(speech level: novice/intermediate; duration: 20 minutes)

Three-ways Are Better (when merging) [Stephen Vance (]
A lot of developers avoid merging like the plague. Most common source control tools only support two-way merges out of the box. Many mistakes occur through bad merges (goto fail, maybe?). Correlation? Causation? We can fix that! Let's configure git to use a free, commercial-grade three-way merge tool and see how fun and fearless merging can be.
(speech level: novice/intermediate; duration: 20 minutes)

Git is History [Kenneth Sebesta (]
The git history is an amazing, but frequently under-utilized, resource. A carefully cultivated history can increase coding efficiency, reduce frustration, and serve as an important learning tool for others. This is especially useful when tracking a codebase, such as an upstream open-source project. I will discuss how this can be accomplished with judicious use of git commit messages, rebasing, and merging.
(speech level: novice/intermediate; duration: 20 minutes)