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Building "Offline First" Web Applications

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Thursday 31st of March the event dedicated to Building "Offline First" Apps will take place in Boston at the Zipcar ( offices close to Congress St.

During the event, after an introductory talk, we are going to see on the stage folks talking about offline capable JavaScript apps.

In the introductory talk, Jie Zhang will present a look at the unique aspects of Chinese culture and related issues in New England, and her perspective on the lives and community of people of Chinese heritage.

Food and beverages will be in line with the culture introduced during the event.


Building Offline First Applications with Hoodie [Gregor Martynus @gr2m (]
Hoodie is a generic backend with an intuitive client API, that works with and without an internet connection. The Hoodie client stores all data locally and synchronises with the server in a separate process, whenever an internet connection is available.

Hoodie’s goal is to make offline-first web app development accessible to non-technical people, but all this while, it is a fantastic rapid-prototyping tool for experienced developers.
In this talk, Gregor will give a quick introduction to Hoodie, and make a deeper dive into its architecture, particularly how it masters sync with the help of CouchDB and PouchDB.
(speech level: novice/intermediate; duration: 30 minutes)

IndexedDB: the good parts [Nolan Lawson @nolanlawson (]
IndexedDB is a powerful and well-established API for offline storage. Many developers, though, still treat it with trepidation, and aren't sure how best to take advantage of it.
So if you've used window.localStorage because it was "good enough," but you had a vaguely guilty feeling that you should use something else, then this talk is for you. Based on his experience building PouchDB, Nolan Lawson shares the history of IndexedDB, how it toppled the once-beloved WebSQL, and how it continues to excel over LocalStorage for heavy, asynchronous storage tasks.
Of course, no API is perfect, and IndexedDB also has its share of bad parts – a confusing API, poor performance outside of WebWorkers, and patchy support in some browsers (notably Edge and Safari). This talk will also explore these "bad parts," including how to keep your sanity thanks to IndexedDB wrappers like LocalForage, Dexie, and PouchDB.
(speech level: novice/intermediate; duration: 30 minutes)

Multithreading JavaScript with Service Worker API [Giorgio Natili @giorgionatili (]
Everybody knows Javascript is single-threaded and that it shares this same thread with other browser-related processes such as painting and compositing. There are several techniques to implement pseudo multithreading in JavaScript; however, during this talk we will focus our attention on how to use and debug the Service Worker API. Our end goal is to explore practical use cases in order to simplify the process to render complex user interfaces and transitions in a browser.

(speech level: novice/intermediate; duration: 30 minutes)