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Women's Philosopher's Cafe

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Women's Philosopher's Cafe


Are you a woman? and would you like to explore how the Philosophy of Stoicism can help you navigate the obstacles of life and bring peace of mind to the most challenging of moments? How to develop Stoical Practices in your day to day life to maintain composure and tranquility no matter what life may throw our way? Women seem to juggle a life that requires us to be many people rolled up into one. Please join our meeting to use as an open forum to discuss the challenges each of us face as women in relationships of all facets of life. Let us as a group explore concerns and stresses. We can develop a community for discussion that is indicative to our gender outlook and then to face a world with our passions and goals in clear understanding first to ourselves and then to navigate with confidence as we enter our day to day lives.

This forum is to inspire women. It is also to encourage women to be comfortable in joining the discussions and organized classes of our New England Stoics that meets every other Sunday enriching us as a whole and educating each other as to how to handle a modern life full of conundrums!

All you need to bring is your open mind, brilliant being, and perhaps pen and paper to take notes on your thoughts and inspirations to be shared.
This is an ONLINE event .


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