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What we’re about

This group was created with the goal of welcoming people who genuinely wish to share authentic and supportive relationships as well as opening their lives up to abundant creations. Superficiality is no longer a desire in our new reality, therefore, we show up as REAL RAW HUMANS with a readiness for AUTHENTIC CONNECTION! It's time to live life without a disguise.

As New Paradigm Shifters, we are freedom consciousness, embodying love, unity, and collaborative wealth!!

Together we are a group of people who lift each other up, support each other's shifting, and celebrate who we truly are. We embrace diversity, and invite the richness of cultures to inspire perspectives and collectively create a new earth economy for us all to experience.

WE ARE A NEW KIND OF TRIBE, a family, creating a village to build our new life and paradigm. We lead with heart as we create our new reality with an intention of illuminating our love for the ALL. We are about generational wealth and creating sustainability for all humankind.

If this resonates deeply with you, we welcome you to join us in the New Paradigm Shift creation.

We end with REALNESS...This group is not purposed to facilitate dating, indoctrinate religious and spiritual beliefs, or hold ulterior motives to take advantage of the good will, generosity, or vulnerability of people. If you're joining for the wrong reasons, please be mindful.