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Creativity Conference Oct 25-27, 2013 (Advance Notice - Not Today)

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QUANTUM CREATIVITY CONFERENCE - Advanced Notice (not today)

Get Energized - Learn – Make New Friends

Advance Notice so you can plan to attend the Conference on Oct 25-27

The Quantum Creativity Conference is a place to Re-invent Your Life, Your Business, The World. Every hour and a half, you can choose from over 20 different workshops relating to - Self–Realization, Business-Innovation and The Arts. The weekend is held during the “Leaf-Changing” season in the Berkshire Mountains. Enjoy long walks, fresh air, and wholesome food in the New England countryside while exploring the Science and Art of Creativity.

SESSIONS • The Power of NO! - "That's No Good!" • The Power of YES! - "That's Great! • The Genius Within - Observe, Wonder and Connect • "SOAR" - Fostering Wisdom and Masterly • Change and Paradigms • Collaboration Improvisational Wisdom • Develop a Persuasive Persona ( • The Art of Failure - Learning to Fail with Flair • Quantum Collaboration - Creativity and Spiritually • Appreciative Inquiry - When you are at your "Best" • Creative Speed Dating - 10 minute dates in different creative areas • Collaborate - Connect - Create - Resources: to Spark Your Creativity • Magical Collisions - The magic of exploring who and what you are • Meditation Tone Journey - A Healing Sounds Experience • Las Promesas - Your Soul's Story • Fables - Your Story as a Fable • Creating Your Spirit Song - Harmonies and Emotions • Buckminster Fuller - Systems Thinking, Holistic Problem Solving and Leadership • Creative Self Discovery - It's in Your Hands • Rock Balancing - Balancing a Rock and Your Mind (see for Sessions and Leaders)

REGISTRATION - We would like to remove any financial problems in coming to the conference. It is more in alignment with our philosophy that “everyone should be able to come”. So you can either – “Pay What You Wish” or “Pay It Forward”. The normal cost for the conference is $200 but if you are having financial difficulties you can “Pay What You Wish” … $150, $100 or even $50. If you are feeling abundant, you can more -“Pay It Forward” with a contribution of $200 – $300 or more. This money will go towards scholarships to helping other people come. Please register by check - payable to DEZANGER and send to Andre de Zanger,1664 3rd Ave. NY, NY10128 call 315.846.5516 or e-mail - Please include your e-mail so you can receive a full program schedule before the conference.

ROOM & BOARD - Room and Board for the entire weekend (Friday dinner to Sunday lunch) will be $105 per person, per day, for double occupancy with a shared bath, $95 a triple and a few Private rooms at $125. Dorm space is $80 per day. Commuter rate is $55 per day for food and facilities charge. Make your room reservations directly with the "Abode of the Message" New Lebanon N.Y at (518) 794-8095 ext.152. (Call between 9 - 00 am and 1 pm and again from 2-4 pm). Please make your reservation as soon as possible to get the type of room you want (there is limited space). See their web site at for details and pictures of the rooms.

DIRECTIONS - The conference is 30 miles East of Albany, NY. see Abode web site for directions. Call to arrange a possible car ride. There are also very reasonable Buses ($15) from NY and Boston.