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Hey there grumpypants! This month's theme is RANT NIGHT.

As much as we all love Objective-C, iOS, and Xcode, being an iOS dev in the real world means bumping up against some rough edges now and then. Whether it's weird undocumented behavior that has you tearing your hair out for a few hours, or a glaring omission in a framework that makes you wish there was a better way, we've all come across things that are worth a rant.

This month, we've selected about half a dozen curmudgeons to present for 5-7 minutes each about some issue that really gets their shorts in a bunch -- part catharsis, and part making everyone else become aware of potential solutions or things to avoid. Here's our star-studded roster of ranters:

Phillip Bowden ( - Objective-C: A Mediocre Language
Paul Bruneau ( - OS X Gatekeeper: Always Nagging
Kevin Kim ( - Core Data and Not iCloud
Akiva Leffert ( - Sometimes Repeat Yourself
Scott Ostler ( - NSButton Sucks
Natalie Podrazik ( & David Jacobs ( - Newsstand

We're hosted this month by the wonderful folks at Time Inc. (thanks Stacey!) Please make sure that your full name appears with your RSVP in your settings, and plan to check in a little early with matching gov't ID. We'll start promptly at 7 pm. Any questions on this, just send an email to Larry at the address above.

Hi five to grumpy old men Akiva Leffert and Scott Ostler for coming up with the Rant Night idea.


  • Alim S. G.

    It was entertaining and somewhat informative, depending on the speaker.

    4 years ago
  • Wesley S.

    Anyone get a WWDC ticket?

    4 years ago
  • Rob R.

    Any chance we can get links to the decks from the event? Want to relive the magic all over again.

    4 years ago