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We are all about helping each other live better lives by helping you create profitable online lifestyle businesses.
Many people dream of leaving the corporate world to go it alone in the world of the entrepreneur, but delay and procrastinate because it can be a very scary prospect.
Here in this Meetup group we are looking at ways to break out of the corporate trap and take a path to new ways of living that are more in line with your meaning, purpose and destiny.
Come along to get all of your online business or money making opportunity questions answered, network and create joint ventures with other like-minded budding digital nomads and get advanced training to help increase the speed of your success.

The Financial Freedom Motivation & Success Meetup Group supports the policies and principles of Meetup. We make no guarantees and we do not offer financial services or assurances. All our workshops are FREE To attend.

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Beginners: Building Wealth with Bitcoin 2023

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Are you looking to build and protect your wealth in today's uncertain economic climate? If so, you may have heard about Bitcoin and its meteoric rise in value over the past few years. 🚀But if you're like most people, you may not understand Bitcoin well enough to confidently invest in it. That's where our upcoming Bitcoin webinar can help!
🚀Bitcoin has grown in value exponentially over the past decade, and its impact on the world is becoming more important by the day. 🚀But the truth is, 99% of people do not understand Bitcoin and are currently missing out on the opportunity to build and protect their wealth. Are you one of them?
🚀In our upcoming webinar, we'll provide you with all the information you need to understand Bitcoin and become a confident investor. 🚀You'll learn about the basics of Bitcoin, including how it works, its potential for growth, and the benefits of using it to build and protect your wealth.
🚀We'll also discuss the current economic headwinds and the uncertainty of the economy in general, and how Bitcoin can help you protect your savings and pension from the eroding effects of inflation.
🚀By attending our webinar, you'll gain a solid understanding of Bitcoin and its potential for wealth building and protection. You'll learn how to invest in Bitcoin with confidence and take advantage of its potential for growth.
🚀Don't miss out on this opportunity to learn about Bitcoin and its impact on the world. Register now for our upcoming webinar and start building and protecting your family's wealth and future today!
John is a Bitcoin coach, and successful entrepreneur who runs a digital marketing company, and is also an educator in math, physics and computing. John first became interested in bitcoin in 2014, when he began exploring the idea of creating bitcoin education for children in schools. With a background in theoretical physics and over 17 years of experience working in various roles in the civil service, including in fields such as accountancy, software development, and data science, John has a unique and interdisciplinary understanding of the global economic system. His knowledge and research in these areas have equipped him with the ability to provide valuable insights into the growing importance of Bitcoin as a tool for preserving and growing wealth.

Introduction to IT Contracting (Freelancing)

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Are you looking for a better lifestyle by using your skills and experience from your career, to become an IT Contractor rather than an employee ?
Do you want the Income and Time Freedom that a Freelance Lifestyle offers ? With 20+ years experience of creating a Freelance Lifestyle as an IT Contractor I can help you get started as a Freelancer with an IT Contracting business.

Andy will help you shortcut some of the necessary Learning and Avoid Expensive Mistakes simply by following my advice and utilizing the Skills and Knowledge gained from a successful 20 year freelance business.

This webinar will get you to ask and answer the following questions:
Is IT Contracting for You ?

  • What is the Outlook for IT Contracting ?
  • What are the Rewards of IT Contracting ?
  • Are you Ready to Be Your Own Boss ?

Ensure you REGISTER to get the link to Join this event.
Come along to get all of questions answered and learn the steps to begin your Freelance Journey, from someone who has done it already.
Looking forward to helping you get started.

Learn How to Start Your Own Etsy Print on Demand Business

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Join business mentor, coach and print-on-demand specialist Nigel Wymer on this informative presentation and learn the essential steps to setting up a successful print-on-demand business.
Maybe you want to start your own online business but don't have the money to buy stock or the space to store it. Or maybe you want a business you can run from your laptop while travelling? A business where you don't have to make anything, pack anything or ship anything. But a business that can replace your 9-5 income. Well, the answer is print-on-demand.
So, what is print-on-demand? How does it work?
Print-on-demand is the massively growing market that anyone can do, you don't need to be artistic or be able to draw, you just need to take action and follow the process Nigel explains.
As a challenge Nigel opened a brand new print-on-demand shop on Etsy selling just mugs. Within 18 weeks he had made over 600 sales and his shop was ranked in the top 8% of performing shops. In this session he will spill the beans on how you can do it too.
Print-on-demand is predicted to grow by 33% over the next 3 years with demand for personalized products predicted to grow at an even higher rate
It is probably the best online business model out there today - a genuine opportunity to start your own online business with no need for a website or social media or to drive traffic.
Nigel will explain how to set up your business for practically zero cost - you never see your items, do not have to buy stock until it is sold and you don't even have to pack or post anything.
It sounds too good to be true doesn't it?
Nigel has many years of experience with several highly successful shops and has earned six figure sums from selling on Etsy, his chosen marketplace for starting a POD business. He will explain why you should start your business on Etsy and not eBay or Amazon.
He has been making a living on the internet for over 15 years. He started online with an eBay shop in the early days which has expanded into several businesses.
He added Etsy to his portfolio of businesses several years ago and using his background in marketing, soon discovered the benefits of using Etsy to build successful businesses and more importantly how to grow and create a brand.
He specializes in print-on-demand because he believes it offers quicker results for a higher profit and less work than most traditional businesses.
He runs training courses on print-on-demand and Etsy.
He is a business mentor as well as a business coach for online entrepreneurs. He is a qualified life coach with a specialism in goal setting and a coach for Jay Hastings' Serious About Success program.
On the event he will tell you the secret to making money on Etsy.
He will discuss:

  • Why You Should start Selling print-on-demand on Etsy and not eBay, Shopify or Amazon
  • The benefits of print on demand (and there are lots!)
  • How to Use Etsy to Build Your Own Brand
  • Professional Shop Set-Up and Design
  • Simple SEO - no html Required!
  • Print on demand - from start to finish
  • PPC Advertising
  • Working Out Profit Margins
  • Plus - lots of other inside tips!

Places will be limited so register quickly!
Don't miss this unique opportunity to learn from Nigel's talent and experience.
Register NOW

Learn This Super Easy Way to Earn a Second Income on LinkedIn

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Wouldn’t you like to earn a few hundred dollar$ extra each month? And have the freedom to spend more time with your family, do more things – is that something that interests you?

Join me in this workshop and learn how to use LinkedIn for your business. You will find out the secrets I have used to make a good income from driving highly targeted traffic to high ticket coaching events.
This live workshop will share…
- How to do this fast and easy with no previous experience or understanding.
- How you don’t need a fancy website or landing page.
- How you don't need to invest loads of hours to see results

This session is perfect for you if…
* You don’t like selling but want to find a way to make weekly profits
* You don’t want to build a website, market and sell products
* You are not tech savvy or an expert with social media
* You have very limited free time to invest into running a business
* You want to do all of this without it costing you any money at all on premium LinkedIn accounts or advertising spend.

Limited seating – so make sure you grab your seat now and show up 10 minutes early. I cannot promise replays to non-attendees

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Learn How to Start an Online Business & Create a Mindset for Success

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