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UnderWater Rugby Practice Session
For first time participants/evaluators, simply bring your bathing suit and an open mind. We'll provide the rest. Otherwise typically bring a snorkel, goggles, water polo head cap, rubber band(s), scuba fins.

Ironbound Recreation Center

Newark, NJ · Newark, NJ

What we're about

The most thrilling and unexpected sport you'll ever hear about and never thought was an actual thing. Ideal for thrill seekers, adrenaline junkies, swimmers/divers bored with simply swimming and diving, alternative to full-contact sport athletes (e.g. football, ground rubgy) looking for something just as rough and tough but less stressful on the joints.

Our club is full of international ppl from various walks of life coming together to play this exhilerating sport that means so much to us in different ways. A friendly group of ppl who will teach you the basics of the sport and meet your at your playing level. Our age group varies from age 8 to 50+. Have the opportunity to play with our club in domestic tournaments within the US as well as international tournaments in Europe, Canada, and South America. Become part of the small niche international community of UnderWater Rugby athletes.

We have equipment and gear for first timers to try out, all you have to do is come in your bathing suit. The minimum requirement is a basic ability to swim or at least keep yourself afloat without panicking. We can help with the rest of the skills you can develop overtime. For further questions or concerns, or for information about the sport and its beginnings, contact the organizer(s) of this group.

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