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TEMPLE GRANDIN: A Remarkable Biopic from Autism to Expert

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This remarkable film explores the life of Temple Grandin, who was transformed from a young child afflicted with autism into modern-day Solomon, speaking the language of animals in a way that few can.

An introduction to the film will be given by Dr. Michele Iannuzzi-Sucich, Assistant Professor of Biology and Assistant to the Vice President of Academic Affairs on the Newburgh Campus.

Grandin became well-known after being described by Oliver Sacks in the title narrative of his book An Anthropologist on Mars (1995); the title is derived from Grandin's description of how she feels around neurotypical people. Soon after, she wrote a bestselling memoir of her own Thinking in Pictures: Other Reports from My Life with Autism (1996).

Based on personal experience, Grandin advocates early intervention to address autism and supportive teachers, who can direct fixations of the child with autism in fruitful directions. She claims she is a primarily visual thinker,[10] and has said that words are her second language. Temple attributes her success as a humane livestock facility designer to her ability to recall detail, which is a characteristic of her visual memory.

Her insight into the minds of cattle has taught her to value the changes in details to which animals are particularly sensitive, and to use her visualization skills to design thoughtful and humane animal-handling equipment. She was named a fellow of the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers in 2009. Grandin is a prominent and widely cited proponent of the rights of autistic persons and of animal welfare. (wikipedia)

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