What we're about

New England FIG is for all programmers either interested in or experienced with the Forth programming language. We want to build a community of Forthers in the New England area that can share knowledge, projects, nifty ideas and experience, and to generally foster and encourage the practice of fine-grained, interactive, minimalist, low-fat computing. These are to be not unlike the SV-FIG, Forth-Gesellschaft groups -- presentations, demos, tutorials and discussions about your projects or things you've seen and heard about! If you have a topic (big or small) send me an email ( andreas.wagner@lowfatcomputing.org ) and I'll add it to the agenda -- DON'T hesitate.

Why Forth?

• Forth is one of the few environments that is totally comprehensible by one person.

• Forth has no inherent fixed syntax -- programming is done by extending the language to your application. Thus, it can become what ever you need it to be.

• Forth has a "low floor; high ceiling" approach to abstraction -- that is, it can be both low level, high level and anywhere in-between.

• You can get an application to run in a minuscule amount of flash or RAM.

• Forth is likely the most compact way to represent software.

• You can try things out interactively in real time as you build your system.

• The compiling functionality is an exposed part of the language like everything else.

Past events (3)

NE-FIG Forth Project Night

Cambridge Hackspace @ P.irateship

NE-FIG Forth Project Night

Cambridge Hackspace @ P.irateship

Come FORTH TO the New England FIG Inaugural Meeting!

Cambridge Hackspace @ P.irateship

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