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Punting, sightseeing and Harry Potter College - Oxford Adventure (day trip)

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Punting is a truly timeless, slightly eccentric, quintessentially Oxford, idyllic pleasure: sailing leisurely upstream or down river, trailing fingers in the silky water, admiring the wildlife, picnicking, drifting downstream past the University.

We will make a day out of it, with guided tour of Oxford, including college visits and yes, that means you will see the New College, founded in 1379, and seen in the Harry Potter films and television productions

We will finish the day with a pub crawl, and a nice meal before getting back on the train to Paddington.

You simply can not get a more authentic experience!

Plan for the day:

9:00 meeting at Paddington Station

9:10 walking over to the platform

9:21 - 10:19 Paddington to Oxford, 58 minutes

10:19 - 10:30 getting off the train and gathering outside of the station

10:30 - 10:40 walking over to the Sainsbury's to get our picnic lunch

10:40 - 11:00 shopping for supplies (not included)

11:00 -11:15 taxi ride to the Cherwell Boat House

11:15 - 14:15 punting and picnic lunch on the river. (If you cannot swim, please make yourself known to the boat house staff!)

14:15 - 14:30 taxi ride back to Oxford

15:00 - 16:30 guided tour of Oxford

16:30 - 19:00 pub crawl

19:00 - 20:30 dinner

20:30 -20:45 walking over to the train station

21:01 - 22:01 Train back to Paddington, takes 1 hour

What's included:

• Return train tickets

• Taxis

• Punt hire

• Guided tour of the city and college admissions


£47 early bird (if you pay in full until end of April)

£57 discounted rate (if you pay in full in May)

£67 full price (if you pay in June)

Deposit: of £10 (+paypal fees) needs to be paid on RSVP to secure your place. Please note, until the deposit is paid your place is not confirmed.

The final payments: have to be in my account two weeks before the trip the latest. Please put this date in your diary now as no reminders will be sent and if you have not paid by then you will be removed from the trip and your deposit will not be refunded. Bank account details to pay the balance can be found here: . Please make sure you account for the paypal fees in your calculations (so the paypal fee on top of £10 deposit should not be deducted from the reminder of the payment)

IMPORTANT: By signing up to this trip you have agreed to the following disclaimer:

'While safety is our top priority and although we never take unnecessary risks, we do recognise that any outdoor activity/trip involves a danger of personal injury or death. Remember that you should be aware of and accept these risks as you are responsible for your own safety and you should not undertake anything beyond your abilities. It is also your responsibility to be correctly equipped for the weather and activity you have chosen to participate in.' The organiser only facilitates the group, and doesn't take responsibility for your safety during the trip.


You also confirm that you will be responsible for your own insurance and make sure that it is at an appropriate level for this trip and activities you will be participating in (if in doubt, check with your insurance provider).


With all the crazy stuff happening with the weather recently, please note that we may be prevented from doing some of activities due to unpredictable weather events. If this is the case replacement activities will be offered.


Please note that unless the trip is cancelled the payments are non-refundable as the costs need to be paid in advance. However you may be able to sell your place to your friends or other group members if you follow this procedure; .


Please note that in order to keep the costs low, the trips are set up in such a way that they can be fully managed online. The descriptions are very detailed and try to answer all your questions and you will find additional information in pages section of the website. Please only email us if your query is not answered in the event's description andplease only call us in case of emergency. I'm afraid we will not be able to get back to you if your query is answered above as with over 60 events coming almost 4,000 members and current volume of emails, this would require hiring admin support and setting up a call centre, which as you can imagine would increase the costs of the events considerably. Please help us provide excellent trips at fantastic value for you and keep your emails to the minimum. Please make sure you read the event's description before contacting us.

Punting is easy


The theory: Pushing a boat with a stick. However please note that we will have to do it ourselves so if you don’t want to do it please don’t book on this trip. I'm not an expert, but I have been reassured that we will be shown how to do it on the day and no prior knowledge is necessary. A sport for all ages from 7 to 77, from enthusiastic athletes to partying groups, punting pleases everyone.

Training video:

All you need to know for a successful trip on the river Cherwell:
Getting on a Punt: The person using the pole stands at the back of the boat, this is the end that is tied to the jetty . The punter should ideally board last (lay the pole on the jetty within easy reach of the punt ), you can now offer your passengers a supporting hand as they board with the cushions, strawberries and Pimms . Having boarded yourself with the pole, untie the painter (posh word for rope ) stand about two feet from the end facing the front of the boat , holding the pole vertically drop it to the bottom of the river beside you . Lean the pole slightly forward and gently push straight behind the punt, work your way up the pole hand over hand when you get to the top with the pole trailing behind you, the boat and the pole should be in a straight line. The pole has become a rudder at this stage , keep holding the end of the pole leaving as much of the pole floating as possible, so making the rudder as long and efficient as possible. To turn right sweep the end of the pole in the river through the water to the right and vice versa.

When you are pointing in the desired direction raise the pole through your hands to vertical , drop to the bottom and repeat . Keep watching the front of the boat .

Some parts are muddy, if you feel the pole sinking in to soft mud don’t push too hard, give the pole a twist and yank out, if you need to let go do so otherwise punt will leave you slowly sliding down the pole into the river. You can always recover the pole with the paddle.

Health and Safety:

All non swimmers make themselves known to the punt office staff . Life jackets (all sizes)are available.
When hiring punts on behalf of a group, each member of your party should be aware of the terms and conditions of hire :
In the interests of health and safety:

No more then 6 people per punt.
No punt racing, splashing, or boarding of other punts as equipment can be easily lost or damaged and personal safety can be put at risk. Additional charges may be incurred if boats are sunk or wet.
Although punting, in general, is a safe and pleasant past time , the consumption of excessive amounts of alcohol can lead to difficulties. Anyone suffering from the effects of excess alcohol should not go on the river. We reserve the right not to hire to anyone we feel is unfit to punt. Please enjoy alcohol in a responsible manner.

Down stream
The University Parks prove to be a popular picnic place.
Parsons Pleasure is where the university Dons would traditionally sunbathe nude but is now a secluded picnic area. The Rollers enable you to move your punt overland and down to the Lower Cherwell and the town centre. They can however be hard work.

Past The "Vicky Arms",or more sedately, The Victoria Arms, is a beautiful, peaceful waterland meadow area with an abundance of wildlife. The Vicky Arms offers refreshments and a play area for children to stretch their legs. It's about half an hours punt upstream from The Cherwell Boathouse.

The river Cherwell offers ideal conditions for punting, rowing, and canoeing. The slow moving current and exclusion of all powered craft maintains a peaceful environment in which wildlife thrives.

Please note this event is organised by Curious Kat's Adventure Club and to secure your place you have to join it via this link: . Please note that only once you RSVP and pay the paypal fee on the main site your place will be confirmed.

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