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Elastos originated from the first Internet operating system in the world which its founder Rong Chen began to develop in 2000. The design philosophy behind its inception was “separation of the network and computation concerns,” which he believed is the fundamental solution to improving security and the internet as a whole.

In 2017, Rong Chen in joint efforts with Feng Han, Jihan Wu and Hongfei Da, transformed it into the first safe and reliable next generation decentralized Internet driven by the blockchain in the world.

亦来云基础架构体系包括Elastos Blockchain(亦来云区块链)/ Elastos Carrier(亦来云运营商)/Elastos Runtime(亦来云运行环境)/Elastos Services(亦来云服务)
The basic structural system of Elastos includes the Elastos Blockchain, Elastos Carrier, Elastos Runtime and Elastos Services.

Elastos Blockchain(亦来云区块链)是奠定Elastos生态信任和价值传递的基础
Elastos Blockchain serves as the cornerstone of trust for the transmission of value of Elastos.

Elastos Blockchain采用主侧链双层结构:主链通过与比特币联合挖矿共享算力,采用AUXPoW+DPoS联合共识机制保证可信和安全。侧链集群可灵活拓展区块链能力,可以兼容以太坊、NEO等多种智能合约,实现区块数据的可信传递。
Elastos Blockchain adopts the multi-chain structure of a single main chain and multiple possible sidechains: The main chain shares the computing capacity by merge mining with Bitcoin and adopts an AuxPoW +DPoS consensus mechanism to guarantee its reliability and security.Sidechains can expand the scalability of blockchain and provide near-infinite extensibility by allowing compatibility with smart contract platforms like Ethereum and NEO.

Elastos Carrier(亦来云运营商)是亦来云上完全去中心化的P2P网络服务平台,没有中心化服务器,通过非对称加密技术,确保节点间数据透明加密,实现网络通讯的隐私保护、保障网络安全,数字内容不被泄露和破坏。
Elastos Carrier is a totally decentralized P2P network service platform on Elastos. It has no centralized server and guarantees the secure end-to-end asymmetrical encryption of data between the nodes. This is integral to the protection of privacy throughout the network.. As a result, the private data of users is protected and resistant to tamper.

Elastos Runtime(亦来云运行环境)可以提供在不同操作系统和设备之上的“可信运行环境”。通过虚拟机保证数字资产程序运行于区块链控制范围内,实现去中介化数字内容播放,为用户提供可信数字内容应用和消费的能力。
Elastos Runtime provides a secure operating environment that can run on top of different operating systems and hardware. It guarantees that digital content accessed within its virtual machine is authentic and untampered by verification against the blockchain. For digital assets, the user’s ownership can also be verified, allowing novel applications to be developed.

Elastos Services(亦来云服务)包括SDK及DMA、DEX(交易所)、去中心化搜索、DApp商店、音视频播放服务等模块。为亦来云生态提供去中心化应用基本设施平台和开发工具,使开发者能够方便快捷地构建去中心化应用,从而让DApp获得身份鉴权、可信记录等区块链典型能力。
Elastos Services includes SDK, DMA, DEX, decentralized search, DApp marketplaces, media or streaming service, There are more modules. A powerful and complete platform of APIs and services will also be provided to developers so they can quickly construct dApps. These dApps will have intuitive access to blockchain capabilities such as identify verification and immutable data storage.

18:30 Opening
18:45 Introduction of Modern Internet by Bo Lei - Elastos Australian Representative
19:30 Q&A
19:45 Pizza & Drink & Networking