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What we’re about

STX:LDN is a Stacks Blockchain advocates community group organising Bitcoin & Stacks educational events in and around London, UK.

NFT Clothing Club Meetups are a place for people to discover and explore the creativity, art, joy, impact and evolution of fashion, especially surrounding the rise of metaverse fashion, computer-aided and AI design.

We’re aiming to connect and network people who are Bitcoiners, creatives, fashion, crypto, blockchain, NFT’s and Web3 enthusiasts and professionals.

Contact us via, if you would like to showcase a project, or become a speaker or a sponsor.

About Us:

NFTCC creates luxury, high quality, unique fashion pieces, for every reality, inspired by Bitcoin, built on Stacks.

STXLDN is a Stacks Blockchain advocates group in the UK focused on bringing people together and educating on Bitcoin and the Stacks blockchain ecosystem through meet-ups, conferences, events and more…