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2nd Birthday: 4mation, Google Developer Expert, Real World Talks & More

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Level 3, 28 Foveaux St · Surry Hills NSW 2010

How to find us

Go from Central Station. Should be on the left of Foveaux St. Take the lift to level 3

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Another awesome ng-sydney event. Here's what makes it so:

- It's ng-sydney SECOND birthday!
- It's our first time at a new venue
- We get our own GDE (Google Developer Expert) speaker

Of course we also keep the usual awesomeness:

- Real world sessions and discussions
- Tips you can apply to simple and popular Angular sample apps
- Overall packed night with variety of topics for every level
- Updates from what's being added to latest versions of Angular 2 (now approaching 2.3), Angular CLI (heard about the new hot module reload support?), RxJS (where's my cache operator?), and TypeScript (now approaching 2.1)

Make sure you do not miss out.

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As always, please help us have a successful meetup by following these:

1) RSVP quick if you are coming

2) And update your RSVP status to "No" if you can't make it, in case anyone is on a waitlist


Make sure you share this event QUICKLY in your company and amongst friends!

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6:00 -- Start & Networking (by Everyone, Pizza, and Drinks)

6:30 -- Introductions & New Comers Minute of Fame

6:50 -- Wrapping UI Elements in Angular 2 Components (by Evan Wallace)

7:20 -- Quick Break

7:25 -- Frontend Tests: what nobody said to you (by Will Mendes, GDE)

7:55 -- Quick Break

8:00 -- Bootstrap dashboard adaptation to angular 2 (by Rodrigo)

8:30 -- Quick Break

8:35 -- Open Talk: What's new in Angular, CLI, RxJS, and TypeScript (by Meligy and Everyone)

9:00 -- Go home, or plan an after party :-)


-- Wrapping UI Elements in Angular 2 Components (by Evan Wallace)

UI frameworks are still in a state of flux, wrapping UI elements in Angular 2 components is a quick and useful way to prototype, test and rapidly iterate designs.

This talk is targeted at mid to advanced angular 2 users. This talk will also benefit people working on large enterprise solutions.

-- Frontend Tests: what nobody said to you (by Will Mendes, GDE)

Do you have an application with good code coverage, but with lots of bugs or with no good code coverage at all? How to start and validate if you are adding to a good test? What about performance in tests?

In this talk Will shares my experience and decisions about improvements in our test pyramid case, talking about how we changed the codebase with coupled tests, hard to setup / maintain / evolve and how some standards, validations and more that makes our team deliver more valuable features.

-- Bootstrap dashboard adaptation to angular 2 (by Rodrigo)

Rodrigo provides a quick overview on how to adapt an html/bootstrap dashboard them to angular 2 - retro-fitted with angular heroes quick start tutorial.

-- Open Talk: What's new in Angular, CLI, RxJS, and TypeScript (by Meligy and Everyone)

By nature, open talk sessions are usually driven by the audience. You bring up the topics you want to talk about. We also always have a default topic to get the conversation started.

With Angular approaching 2.3.0, and the CLI bringing a lot of goodness, RxJS RC versions finally being included in officially supported Angular versions, and crazy stuff coming to TypeScript 2.1, we have more than enough topics to talk about in an already packed night!


Don't shy away from bringing what on the surface looks like a small question as well. It might be loaded more than you think!

You can send a question directly to the host (Meligy), have it ready as a JSFiddle/JSBin/Plunker URL ready to type, and/or just drop the question in comments, on this very meetup event page.


- 4mation Technologies

Our newest sponsor and host, YAY!

Founded in 2001, 4mation Technologies is a full-service company specialising in the development of tailor-made websites, web applications, mobile apps, and eCommerce stores. They provide a comprehensive suite of services including project rescue, digital strategy, creative design and systems integration.

You can learn more about 4mation at
They also tweet as @4mationSydney