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Newbie or advanced, & unusual talks -- Welcome 2017!

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Meligy and April W.


It's 2017!

We are starting it easy, but in a special way still. We are going on: the main questions people have as newbies at testing, the cool powers that templates have in Angular 2 that no one knows, and we also are going to try something different talking about the very special talk about encoding and .. clothes!


As always, please help us have a successful meetup by following these:

1) RSVP quick if you are coming

2) And update your RSVP status to "No" if you can't make it, in case anyone is on a waitlist


6:00 -- Start & Networking (by Everyone, Pizza, and Drinks)

6:30 -- Introductions & New Comers Minute of Fame

6:50 -- Testing in NG2 - from a beginner (by Ken)

7:10 -- Quick Break

7:20 -- Knit One, Compute One (by Kris Howard)

8:00 -- Quick Break

8:10 -- Open Talk: Special powers of templates & directives + other Angular less known features (by Meligy and Everyone)

8:50 -- Go home, or plan an after party :-)


-- Testing in NG2 - from a beginner (by Ken)

Let's put it this simple: Basics of testing. A discussion topic where ideas are happily injected. Enough said!

-- Knit One, Compute One (by Kris Howard)

This is our special surprise this month, by @web_goddess (

Is knitting Turing complete?

How many bytes of information does the average scarf hold?

Kris will talk about all this and more in her exploration of the many crossovers between knitting and computer code.

-- Open Talk: Special powers of templates & directives + other Angular less known features (by Meligy and Everyone)

People write more components than directives in Angular 2 / 4. They know less about the special composition powers that lay in the template engine for Angular.

Maybe you are one of those who did something clever with directives and templates. Maybe you don't know what powers things like `*ngFor` etc use that YOU can leverage too. Either way, this is going to be awesome session for you.


Don't shy away from bringing what on the surface looks like a small question as well. It might be loaded more than you think!

You can send a question directly to the host (Meligy), have it ready as a JSFiddle/JSBin/Plunker URL ready to type, and/or just drop the question in comments, on this very meetup event page.


- 4mation Technologies

Our newest sponsor and host, YAY!

Founded in 2001, 4mation Technologies is a full-service company specialising in the development of tailor-made websites, web applications, mobile apps, and eCommerce stores. They provide a comprehensive suite of services including project rescue, digital strategy, creative design and systems integration.

You can learn more about 4mation at (
They also tweet as @4mationSydney
Level 3, 28 Foveaux St · Surry Hills NSW 2010
How to find us

Go from Central Station. Should be on the left of Foveaux St. Take the lift to level 3

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