• ngCopenhagen - June edition


    After a long break due to ngVikings we are now back again! This time we are super excited to announce Kenneth Christiansen (https://twitter.com/kennethrohde), Hema Gunti (https://twitter.com/HGunti), Lars Knudsen (https://twitter.com/denladeside), Uri Goldshtein (https://twitter.com/UriGoldshtein) & Emil Møller (https://twitter.com/emilrmoeller) as our speakers. Kenneth is going to give an update about "Project Fugu". Hema and Lars will share the story behind Hack Your Future booth at the ngVikings conference. Uri and Emil will show you how to implement GraphQL on your client side, while still using regular REST calls to your backends, and will also explain why would you want to do that. Agenda: 17:00 - Door opens 17:30 - Welcome by ngCopenhagen team 17:45 - Project Fugu by Kenneth Christiansen 18:15 - Break (Food) 18:45 - Hacking your future - a true story from ngVikings by Hema Gunti & Lars Knudsen 19:15 - Client Side GraphQL by Uri Goldshtein & Emil Møller 19:45 - Networking 20:30 - Goodbye See you next week! ngVikings team * Thanks to Microsoft for hosting and sponsoring this event.

  • ngCopenhagen - January edition


    Happy new year! So, let's get 2019 started! In this first event we are going to have two speakers: - Mike Ryan (https://twitter.com/MikeRyanDev) - Sherry List (https://twitter.com/sherrrylst) Mike is Software engineer at Synapse building user interfaces for industrial Internet of Things applications. He is a Google Developer Expert and a core team member of NgRx, an open source organization building high-quality reactive libraries for Angular. Well, Sherry is the co-organizer of ngCopenhagen! You know her already ;) *** The event is hosted at the Ørsted office. Thanks! *** Agenda ------------------------ 17:30 Doors open 17:50 Welcome 18:00 Complexity Management with NgRx by Mike Ryan 18:30 - Break 18:45 - Building reusable Web components with Angular by Sherry List 19:20 - Socializing & *Raffle* 20:30 Thanks for today! Talk Descriptions ------------------------ Complexity Management with NgRx by Mike Ryan One of the biggest challenges building out large Angular applications is the management of complexity, but where does this complexity come from? Both state management and control flow are some of the largest contributors to unwieldy, hard-to-maintain code. Learn how the design of NgRx helps you manage this complexity by exploring the architectural underpinnings of functional, reactive Angular applications. Building reusable Web components with Angular by Sherry List In this talk, we are going to look at what web components are, including upcoming additions like lit-html & Shadow parts. Then we will take a look at how easy it is to create web components with Angular. One of the main reasons for this is because of all the tooling that the Angular platform provides for us. Once we have created these web components we will then walk through how to add them to different projects.

  • ngCopenhagen Christmas edition - Socializing event

    Matrikel1 Bar & Café

    It's nearly the end of the year... This edition is going to be a joint event together with GDG Copenhagen and Women Techmacker Copenhagen So, we would like to invite you to our very casual Christmas gathering where you will get a chance to get together and spend time with members of different communities in Copenhagen. There will be Æbleskiver, Gløgg and drink cards which can be purchased with special discount. Of course, expect loads of fun, quiz & raffles! See you there! Sherry, Alexander, Mohsen, Ionut & Peter

  • November's special edition


    *This event is with the collaboration of GOTO CPH* In this special edition meetup, we are pleased to have Christoffer Noring (https://twitter.com/chris_noring) and Maxim Koretskyi aka Max ngWizard (https://twitter.com/maxim_koretskyi) as our speakers. Chris is a Cloud Developer Advocate at Microsoft, Google developer Expert in Angular and one of the core organizers of the legendary ngVikings conference. Max is a Google Developer Expert in Web Technologies and a Growth Hacker\Developer Evangelist at ag-Grid. He is a self-taught software engineer that learned programming from top to bottom, from JavaScript to Assembly. He believes in fundamental knowledge and hardcore learning, so he started “In-depth Education” program and one of the biggest Angular publications online, Angular-In-Depth (https://blog.angularindepth.com/). 18:00 Doors open 18:30 Welcome 18:45 Optimize and debug change detection like a pro by Max Koretskyi 19:15 - Break 19:45 - Angular Schematics - the unknown hero by Chris Noring 20:15 - Socializing & Raffle 21:00 Thanks for today! Also, expect some surprises!!!!

  • Model-View-Presenter with Angular


    This time we are pleased to have 'Lars Gyrup Brink Nielsen' as our speaker. Title: Model-View-Presenter with Angular Description: Using container components and presenters, we can achieve 'separation of concerns' in the presentation layer of complex applications. This is the first step in increasing the maintainability, testability, and scalability of our Angular applications. About Lars: Lars gained his UX experience in marketing and e-commerce. With a Computer Science background, he has specialised in front-end development while being involved in software products and projects for industries like energy, shipping as well as industrial and food production.

  • ngCopenhagen - October edition


    This time we're pleased to have Dariusz Kalbarczyk (https://twitter.com/ngKalbarczyk) & Michael Hladky (https://twitter.com/Michael_Hladky) as our speakers. Dariusz Kalbarczyk is organizer of the legendary ngPoland conference and also Angular Warsaw Meetup. Michael Hladky is GDE in Angular and also organizer of Angular Vienna. The event is hosted at 7N's office in Copenhagen. Our raffle is sponsored by Mobile era conference (https://mobileera.rocks/) 17:30 Doors open 17:50 Welcome 18:00 NativeScript & Angular - Fundamentals of building mobile apps by Dariusz Kalbarczyk 18:30 - Break 18:45 - Rxjs - concepts and patterns by Michael Hladky 19:15 - Say cheese! (Regression testing) by Alexander Hafstad 19:45 - Socializing & Raffle 21:00 Thanks for today!

  • What's new in Angular? - ngCopenhagen August edition

    This time we're pleased to have Stephen Fluin (https://twitter.com/stephenfluin) from Angular team as our speaker. 17:30 Doors open 17:50 Welcome 18:00 What's new in Angular by Stephen Fluin 19:00 - Raffle (2 tickets to Coldfront - https://2018.coldfront.co/) 19:05 Socializing & Food 21:00 Thanks for today! Best, #ngCopenhagen team

  • Testing with Cypress.io Workshop - Level 1

    After a successful workshop together with CopenhagenJS team, we have decided to run the workshop again. So if you missed first chance, you have the second one now ;) Do you want to learn more about automated browser testing? We are so lucky to have Gleb (https://twitter.com/bahmutov), one of the maintainers of Cypress.io, coming to Copenhagen and he wants to do a workshop about Browser Testing with Cypress.io. Cypress.io is a really cool tool for configuring browser tests with a really easy to use interface. You can read more about it https://www.cypress.io/ *IMPORTANT REMEMBER TO BRING YOUR LAPTOP. 17:00 Doors open 17:30 Welcome 17:35 Introduction to Cypress.io by Gleb 18:05 Workshop on your computer with Cypress.io 18:35 Some drinks and something to eat 18:55 2nd Workshop introduction 19:30 Round up of what we learned 20:00 Socializing 21:00 Thanks for today! * Please remember to clone the repo https://github.com/cypress-io/testing-workshop-cph and execute `npm install` to get a jump start and avoid network problems during the meetup. Best, #ngCopenhagen team

  • Angular in 60 Minutes - Crash Course

    This time we're pleased to have Dariusz Kalbarczyk (https://twitter.com/ngKalbarczyk) as our speaker. The event is hosted at 7N's office in Copenhagen. Please save the date, more information will be added soon.

  • ngCopenhagen - Enterprise Architectures for huge Angular Applications

    This time we're pleased to have Manfred Steyer (https://twitter.com/ManfredSteyer) (GDE), and Christopher Klüter(‎Director at HackYourFuture Copenhagen) at our meetup. The event is hosted at Google's office in Copenhagen. Agenda 17:30 - Arrival 17:45 - Welcome 18:00 - Hacking the refugee crisis by Christopher Klüter (Lightning talk) 18:15 - Enterprise Architectures for huge Angular Applications: Packages, Monorepos and Microservices by Manfred Steyer 19:15 - Socializing 20:00 - Goodbye ** Agenda will be updated with more information ** Enterprise Architectures for huge Angular Applications: Packages, Monorepos and Microservices Angular has been built with big enterprise applications in mind. But how to structure such applications to ensure maintainability in the long term? This session gives several answers by comparing different approaches. You learn how to leverage npm packages and how to publish them using an internal or public registry. We will also look at monorepos and see how they help to structure your applications. In addition to that, we see several possibilities for using Angular in microservice-based environments. All presented approaches are compared and evaluated. At the end you know your options as well as the advantages and disadvantages they come with, so that you can choose an approach for your projects. Bio: Manfred Steyer Trainer and Consultant with focus on Angular. Google Developer Expert (GDE) who writes for O'Reilly, the German Java Magazine, windows.developer and Heise. Regularly speaks at conferences. Remember to follow us on Social Media! Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/AngularJS.CPH/), Twitter (https://twitter.com/ngCopenhagen) and Slack (https://goo.gl/Pn3KB4)