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Regular meetup - XXIX

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Regular meetup - XXIX


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Hey folks! It's time for another #Prague Next Generation #JavaScript community gathering.

This year we are introducing a brand new online format - deep technical talks from various international and local community experts in concise 1 hour format.

Join us in our inclusive meetup with a familiar atmosphere in this new #remote era :) No hiring, just friends and open source community at its best ;) See you soon online! #devsUnited

Event overview:
Intro: 18:00
Talks starts: 18:05
Q&A starts: 18:45


Meetup Announcements & TL;DR
by ngParty team @ngPartyCz (

Satisfying your CSS in JS in just one kB
by Cristian Bote @cristianbote_ (

About Cristian:
JavaScript Developer, technology enthusiast and proud member of @preactjs core team βš›οΈ. Creator of gooberπŸ₯œ the css-in-js at 1kB.
Talk abstract:
In today's world, where JavaScript bloat is a real pain point and a performance penalty that one can't ignore, there's a real need to lookout for smaller alternatives, solutions to satisfy your coding needs without sacrificing on functionalities. Join me and discover how you can achieve the same CSS in JS needs in around 1kB.

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