Getting Started With Progressive Web Apps


Web Development, although more than two decades old now, has never really been able to compete with Mobile Development. The architecture of the Web wasn't designed keeping in mind the user experience and dominance of modern smart phones today. This is why Native Android and iOS Development, and their respective App Stores, exist in the first place.

Mobile Apps are usually much faster, more dynamic, accessible, and have a overall better user experiences. They give a lot more power to the developer to build complex apps. But there is good reason why one might want to use web technologies to build apps on the mobile platform.

For example, it reduces the complexity and cost of building and maintaining a application across multiple platforms. It can also make the application more accessible and light weight from the users end. For a long time, hybrid-app development frameworks like Ionic were used to achieve this goal. And they are still a valid option in some cases.

But modern web development has come a long way, and a better option today for providing a rich mobile user experience through a web app is Progressive Web Apps or PWA's, which are a set open web standards implemented by modern browsers and recommended by Google.

In this meetup, we'll learn about the importance of PWA's and how to build them.

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