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GREAT HPN Event - The Awakened State - Victoria Ritchie & Beverley Holt!!

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You're invited to The Holistic Professionals Network

for another evening of fun, education and

“Real Networking”

This event is for entrepreneurs ranging from financial investors, lawyers, web designers, artists and tradespeople to massage therapist and yoga instructors.
Thursday, February 28th, 2013.
The Ellington Hotel.
25, Boulevard to Dubouchage
06000 Nice.

Meet our success Guest speakers Victoria Ritchie-Spiritual Editor, Astrologer and Psychologist & Beverley Holt-Successful Entrepreneur.

Victoria Ritchie.
Based on the teachings of Eckhart Tolle, author of best-selling POWER OR NOW, and a NEW EARTH, Victoria Ritchie, one of Eckhart's close students as well as his spiritual editor, will speak about moving into an awakened state in your everyday life.

As you begin to move from what Eckhart calls the Old State of Consciousness
into the New State of Consciousness, you’ll notice gradual though significant changes happening in your life. Since this somehow happens in the realm of timelessness, don’t even be concerned about how long this might take. But gradually you will notice that key states and perspectives in your life begin to lessen while others simultaneously begin to increase. From a life of ‘problems’ you enter a life of peaceful aliveness.

These things will begin to lessen in your life:
-struggling with your work
• being lost in your thinking
• identification with your story
• emotional pain and suffering - the shrinking of the ‘painbody’
• drama and reactivity
• the need to be right
• the concept of ‘problems’
• the need to control every situation & outcome

These things will begin to increase:
• more present moment awareness
• more stillness and inner spaciousness
• the growing ability to say YES to what is
• an improved life situation without even trying for that
• more peace and joy
• satisfaction in BEING rather than DOING

Victoria will be speaking about the process of bringing about this shift into an awakened state of living in our everyday lives, not just when we’re on a meditation cushion. Hopefully you will have read either or both of Eckhart’s books and already are familiar with his teachings.

Victoria Ritchie lives in the San Francisco area of California. She has been giving seminars and talks on Eckhart Tolle’s teachings for the last ten years and has led an ongoing Eckhart group in San Francisco. She is a spiritual editor as well as a professional astrologer and counselor. She holds an M.A. degree is Psychological Counseling.

Beverley Holt
-how to make the right first impression when meeting people!
-Your opening sound bite!
- learn the importance of grabbing someone's attention through 20 seconds!
-What should be in my pitch for maximum success?
-Can I sell in my pitch?
-Importance of being prepared.
-How to make small talk.
-Bring a 60 second speech to practice with the stranger!
Beverley Holt is a successful entrepreneur with over 25 years’ experience as a Holistic Counsellor , Reiki Master & Teacher, Networker and owner of Riviera Reiki and founder of HPN.
Former owner of a very successful Health & Well Being Day Spa,in Sydney. NETWORKING was the key to success. Numerous VIPs and elite athletes have been her clients including The Australian Wallabies. She received the prestigious Telstra Women in Business Awards and Woollahara Women in Business awards nomination. Beverley has written many articles and is currently writing a book- Networking for Business Success.
In Australia Beverley was well known in the community for her health information nights +fundraising. Beverley was highly sought after as a motivational speaker.
Beverley currently helps people to go from surviving to thriving! She honours the traditional teaching of Mikao Usui System –the founder of Reiki. A simple and powerful method for helping people to heal themselves, and others, so that they can achieve their full potential in all aspects of life. Even young children can learn how to use Reiki.

When it comes to selling your business you are your best advert!

Practice the art of business networking and maximise your business potential.
Prepare your20 second speech and your 90 seconds speech so you can make the most of your network event.

Please remember to bring lots of business cards and brochures for an interactive evening!

Think about:-
-what is my goal at night?
-Would I like to connect with?
-What would I like to learn?
Please RSVP now!
Cost: only €15.
The venue is great. Soft drinks, beer and wine making pictures are only €5 or a bottle of wine for€18, before after the event-plus a large plate of charcuterie and fromage for only€8. All welcome to stay networking to late.
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