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The first rule of Night Club... you guessed it, don't talk about Night Club.

Well, not exactly, you could talk about it. You see... it's kinda like the movie Fight Club but with less punching and more drinking.

This group is for my young rebels, that like the nightlife scene and enjoy knocking back a few while meeting some really chill people.

The goal is to organize some REAL outings. From Happy Hour drinks to clubbing, the sky is the limit.

A typical night out would be food and drinks, get to know one another a bit and then for those that got an extra bounce in their step, club the night up!

The group is brand spanking new... we're only a few but join us if you wanna unleash teh night owl within you *wink, *wink, *nudge, *nudge.

Here's to new beginnings and new friends.


*Shoutout to Photoshop for helping us utterly embarrass that bar of soap.

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