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Meet other singles in the Des Moines and Kansas City metro areas. The Des Moines/KC Singles Meetup Group is a social and activity based group - not an online dating service. A relaxed way to make new friends, and participate in activities going on around town. We are happy to have you in our group. To keep this Meetup lively and fun Please read the guidelines for new members below.

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RSVPs are very important to our group. Your participation and your RSVPs are what keep our group going and vibrant. 1100 people is plenty of people to have in a meetup and our goal for 2015 is to keep people actively participating in our group. We definitely have the quantity, now the focus of our group is going to switch to quality of active participation, meaning that more than ever your active participation is the most important factor in keeping you in our group. If a person hasn't actively signed in to meetup for quite awhile Meetup.com will actually remove them from our rolls. We probably get 2 or 3 people joining each day but it is counteracted by Meetup removing the older, non-signing in members of our group so the number of members actually hovers around the same number.Being the Iowa nice person I am I have to decided that as long as we have a number over 1100 we now have the luxury of removing people from our group who are just being spectators and not participating in the meetups. When I was living in KC I thought it was a pretty draconian practice of removing members who had RSVPd but then didn't show up.The reason your participation and your HONEST RSVPs are so necessary is that it is hard to know how many people we need to reserve restaurant people for if 30 people RSVP and then 10 show up, or if 6 people RSVP for a meetup event and then 20 show up we've had both of these happen. So if you need to be late from a restaurant meetup please call us by a couple of hours before if you think you might be late at all so we know whether to expect you and please it's very important that you be there at the time we scheduled the meetup event for, otherwise please call me at 515-423-1700 as early as you can (hopefully a half hour before the meetup event at the latest) so we know whether to look for you right when the meetup starts or if you will be coming in just shortly after the meetup so we know who to expect and when.Also it is very much encouraged that everyone have a real picture of themselves on our meetup site (not a picture of their dog, or their plate from last night's dinner) so we know who to look for. If we have 10 people who have signed up for free tickets to a comedy show which we do get sometimes we will give first choice on who gets the tickets based on who shows up there first and who has RSVPd, then who has a picture on the site, so we know what everyone looks like and we know who to look for. The first people that we will be looking to cut from the group first so we keep a roster of only really actively participating members are 1. Those who are just sitting on the site and not actively RSVPg, then 2. Those who RSVP for events and then if they need to change their RSVP and then don't revisit the event to change their RSVP before the event. Or RSVP yes and don't show up, after a certain number of times doing that you will be deleted from our membership. 3. People who are late for a dinner meetup event when we need to reserve a certain number of seats for a specific number and you don't show or call a certain number of times you will also be deleted from our member list.This might sound a little harsh but I'm actually doing this for everyone's benefit so we can have a large, fun, vibrant, and lively group at every meetup event because everyone in the group can count on everyone else who RSVPd to show.I very much welcome any feedback because if we don't have a minimum number of serious and honest RSVPs for the next upcoming events we will be forced to cancel or reschedule them to a date further in the future to give more people time to sign up.The best way to reach me is by phone 423-1700. Don't e-mail at the Meetup e-mail contact because I get so many e-mails on that one that your message will definitely get lost in the shuffle there so e-mail me at the e-address which I check at least a couple of times a day which is: stccambridge2014@yahoo.com and I will get back to you ASAPhttp://www.meetup.com/nightlifesingles/#upc... (http://www.meetup.com/nightlifesingles/#upcoming)

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