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Stream Free Movies From Your Library

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Stream Free Movies From Your Library


With movie theaters shut down due to covid-19, I want to remind everyone that you may have free streaming options through your local library.

Most libraries subscribe to one or more digital services that allow their patrons to download movies, television shows, audio books, and other media. Hoopla is a very popular platform, but there are a number of others as well. Each library decides which (if any) service they will utilize. You will have to check out your home library's website to discover if they carry Hoopla, Kanopy, or some other service.

So how does it work?

First you need a valid library card. If you do not have one, contact your local library. Even if the library is closed to the public, they will be able to set you up online.

If you do have a valid library card, you don't even need to get your library involved. I'm going to use Hoopla as an example here because I believe they are the most widely-used service. Check your library's website to be sure they carry Hoopla (it may be under a heading like Digital Services). If they are using a competitor, than go to whatever the competitor is.

Go to the Hoopla (or other) website. It will ask you your town and library card number. If it matches their data base, you set up a Hoopla Account (user name, email address, and password), Then you browse categories by media (movies, audio books, television, etc.) and/or by genre (documentaries, horror, comedy, etc.) Click on the title and hit Play.

Libraries are billed by the usage, so they generally restrict the number of titles you select per month.

Also, don't forget that libraries also carry dvd's / blu-rays. I have a friend who complained on FaceBook that Netflix didn't carry a film he wanted to see. I checked online and told him that the Wayne Library carried it (he lives in Clifton, so it's part of the same system). He said he had never thought about the Library.

Best to all!
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