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Machine Learning Fundamentals - 0xdata ML Platform

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1. 0xdata – H20 Product and Architecture

2. What is machine learning and types of learning?

3. Key definitions and classes of algorithms

4. Tools and resources to learn machine learning

5. Business applications of machine learning

6. Use case (example)

a. Problem definition

b. Solution / Rationale for algorithm(s) choice

c. Theory behind the algorithm

7. Demo (Spark and H20) for a use case

About 0xData and H20

H2O is for data scientists and business analysts who need scalable and fast machine learning. H2O is an open source predictive analytics platform. Unlike traditional analytics tools, H2O provides a combination of extraordinary math and high performance parallel processing with unrivaled ease of use. H2O speaks the language of data science with support for R, Python, Scala, Java and a robust REST API. Smart business applications are powered by H2O’s NanoFastTM Scoring Engine.

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Speaker - SriSatish Ambati

Sri is co-founder and ceo of H2O (@h2oai), the builders of H2O. H2O democratizes bigdata science and makes hadoop do math for better predictions. Before H2O, Sri spent time scaling R over bigdata with researchers at Purdue and Stanford. Prior to that Sri co-founded Platfora and was the Director of Engineering at DataStax. Before that Sri was Partner & Performance engineer at java multi-core startup, Azul Systems, tinkering with the entire ecosystem of enterprise apps at scale.

Before that Sri was at sabbatical pursuing Theoretical Neuroscience at Berkeley. Prior to that Sri worked on nosql trie based index for semistructured data at in-memory index startup RightOrder. Sri is known for his knack for envisioning killer apps in fast evolving spaces and assembling stellar teams towards productizing that vision. A regular speaker in the BigData, NoSQL and Java circuit, Sri leaves trail @srisatish.