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Waterways Reskilling - Nov 23, 2013

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Presented by the Mid-Atlantic Transition Hub (MATH) in collaboration with The SUNY New Paltz Environmental Task Force, will feature dynamic speakers, music, exhibits, demonstrations, a barter-board, and hands-on Reskilling instruction.

Featured speakers include Hudson Riverkeeper Paul Gallay, NY/NJ Baykeeper founder Andrew Willner, and Jim Kricker of Rondout Woodworking.

The conference will consider what the carbon-neutral, “powered-down” future use of regional waterways would look like, such as the Vermont Sail Freight Project. What IS a Transition Reskilling? The Transition environmental movement is a global, grassroots network of people taking positive action to build community resilience against the backdrop of climate change, resource depletion and economic instability. Dwindling supplies of cheap non-renewable energy and prevalence of extreme weather signal that society is fundamentally transforming; requiring us to regain bygone skills, especially in production of food, clothing, shelter, and energy.

A Transition Reskilling turns back the clock to reclaim important skills and “slow” technologies that were prevalent generations ago, are dying, yet remain part of our cultural memory. Slow technologies that have immediate relevance in the Mid-Atlantic region are: 1) Sail-freight, which is resurging as people build and rebuild wooden ships for the transport of goods along coastal and inland waters of the Hudson Valley, 2) Small and micro-scale, direct hydropower generation, and, 3) Waterwheel and Mill Restoration.
Register by emailing [masked]. Tickets cost $10 per day (admission is free with student ID). For more information, please contact (646)[masked] or [masked].