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Shadowrun 4: On the Run

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So it's time to enter into the shadows. You got your gear, your guns, bullet proof vest, a few chummers who are willing to talk to you in this town, and some mojo to sling around. Now all you fraggin' job so you can pay the landlord, bookie, loan shark, or whoever before you get shot, beaten, or thrown on out on your collective backsides. Just when you were debating whether to go with tasteless soy or mostly tasteless soy, your 'link chirps.

On the Run will be our introductory mission. It has a little bit of everything so there will be something for every character type. This is intended to be a learning experience for everyone to start familiarizing the group to the mechanics of the game and the feel of it. So don't worry if your character doesn't function the way you intended. I expect there will be at least 3 games of rewriting before players have their characters the way they want them. So brush up on your parts, bring your character sheets, and a bunch of six-sided die.