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D&D Next Encounters: Legacy of the Crystal Shard

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Dungeons and Dragons is reborn once again! And I am proud to be part of the official sanctioned event, "Legacy of the Crystal Shard".

This season will be played every Wednesday for a few months. Take your character through the prologue to this adventure! See if you can glean any early clues to the forgotten evil that threatens the Ten Towns. Legacy of the Crystal shard was written by R.A. Salvatore, James Wyatt, Jeff Ludwig

The Sundering Continues!

The people of Icewind Dale have long stood against the perils of the North. For most of these folk, the events that shook the region a hundred years ago are now distant memories. But what was defeated was not destroyed. Now, as evil forces converge on Ten Towns, the people of the North face their greatest trial yet. Fortunately, they won’t have to face it alone.

Players will be able to report results of their adventures, and the actions and choices they make, can impact the Realms forever!

What is The Sundering?

Abeir and Toril merged together, when the Tablets of Fate were broken. Now the Supreme Overbeing Ao is reconstructing the Tablets, which will pull the two worlds back apart. Mortals and Immortals alike are now caught at the crossroads of this monumental change. The world is changing, and every player has a chance to shape the face of the world to come.

New to D&D? New to 5th Ed? Old Hands at both? You are invited!

While this special event will be on a Saturday, the Sundering is part of the D&D Encounters program, which will run every Wednesday at the shop. Come on down and have some fun with friends whenever you have time for it.


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