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Battletech D20 Week 2: Change of Course

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Battletech D20 is alive and well!

Having successfully playtested our modified Battletech system, we have decided to adopt a campaign for it. We are still limiting it to six people for this week- but I know we are going to rotate it a bit every time we play. We had a lot of fun last week, and we're looking to keep the Mechs walking tall and carrying big guns!

Play is limited to 6 players, and we're doing it on a sign-up first basis. If you are interested in learning the system, or the story of our new universe, visit our new Battletech website -

Adventure Description:

Change of Course
After a successful mission destroying a data center as ordered by the Mercantile Cooperative of Planets (your employer and the largest organization in the universe), you are shocked to learn that warrants have been issued for your arrest- officials claim that you destroyed evidence to cover up your smuggling of MCoP owned property. Knowing that you'll never receive a fair trial, you and your companions have decided to take your ship to the outlying worlds, far from the reach of MCoP, but also far from civilization...

Read more and learn about the system on our website,

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