We will be paddling the scenic Cedar Creek from Ore Pond in Double Trouble State Park to Dudley Park. This is a narrow, winding river through a mostly secluded area. Short boats are definitely better for this trip, 12 feet or less is ideal, but is certainly doable in 14 foot or longer boats. the creek could be shallow in places possibly requiring some boat dragging, lift overs of obstacles, and going under trees. There is one very short portage around a dam on this trip.

We are meeting at the take out (William J Dudley Park in Bayville, where Rt. 9 crosses Cedar Creek). We will load up boats onto cars, and my trailer, then shuttle up to the launch at Ore Pond in Double Trouble State Park (about a 10-15 minute drive) OR possibly further up the creek depending on water level. We will paddle downstream, stop for lunch somewhere on the creek, then continue downstream to Dudley Park (where we are meeting). After the paddle we will retrieve any cars left at the launch.

The total distance for the trip is about 7.2 miles, and should take about 3-4 hours

You should bring a lunch, water, a change of clothes in a dry bag, and the normal rescue gear (pump, sponge, whistle, etc).

Trip cancellations due to thunder/high winds/flooding will be posted by 6:30am on the day of the paddle Andrew can be reached via cellphone at 646-208-7557

NOTICE: By attending an event you are agreeing that YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR OWN SAFETY AT ALL TIMES. No member of the group EXCEPT YOURSELF can be held responsible for any damages, accidents, or liabilities incurred while paddling with us. Paddling is an inherently dangerous sport. Information is provided with the understanding that the providers are not engaged in rendering advice on technical matters, equipment performance, safety, or any other aspect of the sport in absolute terms or advocating any of the techniques or experiences described.