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Sixth annual 26 mile intermediate ride for Marathon Sunday

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22 people went

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Meet at 8:45 am.

First ride starts at 9:00 am.


This ride is to honor those that will be running in the NYC Marathon on this same day.

We did this the last 5 years so let's do it again. Last year (2017), 22 riders started with 10 completing all 26.2+ miles. In 2016, 30 riders started with 13 of us finishing. In 2015, 17 riders started with 11 finishing. In 2014, 24 started with 7 finishing. In 2013, 16 started with 6 finishing. Let's see if we can get a larger group to finish this year. Here is a link to last year's ride:

This is really 2 rides: one at Deer Park (about 11 miles) and one at Stephens (about 15 miles). Our rides are normally no drop rides but because we have to cover a long distance, if you have a major mechanical or are lagging way behind, we may have to drop you so be sure to bring maps of the parks so you can find your own way. Our pace won't be blazing, but moderate and steady with only a few stops to regroup.

We'll do Deer Park first followed by Stephens. (DON'T DRIVE TO THE NORMAL DEER PARK PARKING LOT!!!! PARK AT STEPHENS!!! SEE DIRECTIONS BELOW.) We usually get back to the cars from Deer Park at around 11:30 and start the Stephens part around noon or a little later if people were lagging behind at Deer Park.

Park at the big gate at Stephens. We can access both parks from there and return to the cars for water and food and a quick break in between rides.

ONCE AGAIN, DON'T FORGET TO TURN YOUR CLOCKS BACK 1 HOUR ON SATURDAY NIGHT! If you forget, you'll be an hour early! So our 9 am start is really 10 am on the previous day's time.

Directions from Route 80 West bound:

Take Exit 25 (Route 206 N toward Stanhope/Newton)

Take the first right toward International Trade Center/Waterloo Village

Follow the exit ramp around in a loop and make the first right on Continental Drive

At the stop sign at the end of Continental Drive, turn left on Waterloo Road

Follow Waterloo Road for roughly 2 miles. During this 2 miles, you will pass Waterloo Village, the Boy Scout Camp entrance, and go under the Route 80 overpass. Kinny Road (sometimes spelled Kinney) will be on the left. There is no street sign at the corner but there is a sign a little before the turn. So turn left on Kinny Road, drive over the small bridge and park near the big gate on the left. Don't block the gate unless you want to risk getting a ticket!