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Father's Day Dance Workshop! Salsa, Bachata, & Hustle Class. Split Levels! $10PP

Price: $10.00 /per person
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Fathers Day Special 4 The Dad's Out There.

$1 Off Of Workshop Price.

We'll be doing a dance workshop on Salsa, Bachata, & Hustle @ The Instep Studio in Clifton NJ On Sun. June 15th 2014.

The class will start at 5pm. Will include a split class for salsa & bachata of beginner & advance levels. Then a combined beginner/intermediate class of Hustle. We will conclude the workshop with a practice session to rehearse everything you've learn to music. About 2 Hour duration for this workshop. (25 To 30 Min Per Class & For Practice Session.)

No Refreshments served. Make sure to eat something light before arriving. :-)

Info On Salsa, Bachata, & Hustle:

Salsa- A very popular dance and musical style often heard and danced at latin clubs all over the world. There are many different variations to it, but some very basic fundamental moves and timing structure that are fairly common. Becoming a really good salsa dancer like any other skill requires practice & repetition, but the reward of being able to move effortlessly on the dance floor is more than enough reason to Practice, Practice, Practice!!!

Bachata- A sexy sensual dance that has really become popular over the last decade. Although not considered as difficult a dance as the salsa. It also has it's share of difficult patterns as one progresses through the learning stages. The bachata sound is fairly easy to identify with its pronounced guitar sound & constant percussion tap on the fourth beat. It's becoming a dance that is essentially a must learn dance to be able to use it at any latin night!

Hustle- The hustle originated as a partnered dance style often danced to the disco music of the 70's. Becoming hugely popular after movies like "Saturday Night Fever" & "Staying Alive" came out. Like many other styles of dance it has evolved over the decades and is still danced today. You will often see the style danced to Top 40 hit songs on the radio, and that is one of the reasons why its kept it's popularity. A lot of the moves are smooth with an emphasis of showing the lady off as well as multiple turn patterns to play around with.

$10 Per Person For The Workshop

Limited Spots Available

Highly Recommended to prepay online, but you may also pay @ the door

Come out and join the group for this workshop. Your guaranteed to have fun, meet some wonderful people, and learn some new dance moves along the way.

The studio is located next to a Walgreens on Van Houten Ave. Street parking available.

Louis + Maria