NJ Tech Meetup 69: David Mandell, 4x Founder, CEO PivotDesk, Mentor Techstars


Speaker: David Mandell, founder PivotDesk (bio below)


6:45 (sharp!) - 7:15: Speed Networking & Pizza
7:15 - 8:15: Welcome/Startups present
8:15 - 9:15: Keynote
9:15+: Closing remarks/head to Ainsworth (local bar) with food/drink specials

3 great startups will present! apply to pitch your co at a future NJTM (http://www.bit.ly/HTMstartup).

- DomainSkate (https://www.domainskate.com/)

- Drivewealth (https://drivewealth.com/)

- Woodies Clothing (http://woodiesclothing.com)

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Checkin: TBD

Social: TBD

Video: Jay Treble, NJ.org

Photography: TBD


Startup Ambassador:

Blog: Gil Olsen

Stevens students/faculty free: RSVP here (http://www.bit.ly/NJTechStevens)

More on David: David Mandell is Co-founder and CEO of PivotDesk, a TechStars Boulder 2012 company that helps find room for growing businesses. Having served as a TechStars mentor since the start, he has entrepreneurial experience that runs the spectrum from small, start-up organizations to large multi-national corporations.

Previously, David served as CEO of Ignighter (currently StepOut), another TechStars Boulder company and was a Co-founder and Vice President of Marketing for OneRiot (Previously named Me.dium). David is also the managing partner at VentureVoodoo partners, a consulting firm specializing in brand management for startup organizations.

Before making the transition to startup life, David was the first marketing hire and Managing Director, Global Communications for Deloitte Consulting. At Deloitte, David helped lead and manage the global brand launch and communications strategy following Deloitte Consulting’s separation from Deloitte & Touche. The comparative strategy succeeded in distinguishing the brand from its competitors and facilitated the company’s rise to one of the top-three brands in the industry.

David also served as EVP, GM for Cohn & Wolfe, a NY-based marketing and communications agency. While at Cohn & Wolfe, David managed several large marketing campaigns, including the introduction of BMW NA’s Z3 Roadster in conjunction with the MGM and the James Bond 007 Movie, Golden Eye.

David started his career working on communications for the CART/Indy Car racing series.


- Startups and Entrepreneurship
- Repositioning and Relaunching Brands
- Initial Competitive Positioning
- Aggressive and Strategic Communications and Public Relations Strategies
- Crisis Communications
- Social Media Strategies and Outreach