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If you are interested in 3D Scanning, using what ever method and/or processing data from 3D scans, this meetup is for you.

We will organize these meetups in our 3D Studio in Zoetermeer, where we have a 120 camera system. Feel free to bring any scanning technology with you that you like. You will be able to make scans for free using our scanner and we assume what ever other technology other will bring :-)

The events will start with a presentation session where anyone can submit a nice topic, for instance about how to cleanup models, new technologies for scanning, etc.

While we run a commercial 3D scanning studio, this event is NOT commericial in any way. Anyone is welcome from students, hobbyst to professionals.

So if you are interested into photogrammetry, 3d scanning, game design, art, archaeology, or any other discipline that can benefit from 3D scanning, join the club :-)

Depening in memberships, goal is to organize first meetup in October 2017.

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