Volgende Meetup

Aerial | Silks and flow
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Ilan Oxman

Schipluidenlaan 10 · Amsterdam

Wat we doen

To all acrobats, jugglers, aerialist, clowns, acro-yogis, dancers & young souls!!

Every Saturday we host an open training session at Olympia Circus Amsterdam, so welcome to join and practice your kick-ass skills in our new gym zaal.

Our installations have, amongst other goodies, 6 aerial silks (6 mt. ceiling), rigging points, tumbling track, big and small mats, and plenty of space for all of your training needs.

Access to the gym is through a small door on Schipluidenlaan street towards the metro station.

Entrance fee: 3€
Free parking

Every Saturday from 15:00 to 18:00

Note: Open training at Olympia Circus will go on as usual unless explicitly mentioned otherwise on its facebook page.

The Olympia Circus Crew