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Promoting Agile thinking, principles and practises in Limburg. Building a community for Agile practitioners to meet, spar and share knowledge.

"We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it." -- Agile Manifesto (http://agilemanifesto.org/)

Hosted by:

• Nick Nijenhuis, Agile Engineer & Scrum Master @Novana (http://novana.nl)

• Niels van Reijmersdal, Agile Engineer @CBS (Statistics Netherlands)

We bring atleast 10+ years experience in Agile/Scrum and another 15+ years in software engineering.

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Evil Genius - A Lego4Scrum workshop

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It's time for another workshop. We are delighted to bring you this. This time by no one less than Dave Cass. More on that by himself:

Word of the speaker:
Can you design a lair for the Evil Genius to support his plan for world domination?

We will work as part of “Agile Limburg Civil Engineering – no job too big, no customer refused” in small teams in a scaled scrum event. The workshop leads from initial customer brief, through the scrum framework and 2 sprints. It’s a fun workshop designed to reinforce agile teambuilding and communication in a safe imaginative way….and we get to play with Lego too.

I will also talk through the issues I have to think about to run it and the learning points I am trying to create so that if you want to, you should be confident in running something similar for your own team’s training.


Qeske Maastricht: https://qeske.nl/qeske-maastricht/

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Agile Coffee Sittard (@Greenhouse)

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