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Wat we doen

This is a group created for Agile Testing, Agile development and Testing community.

To grow agile testing awareness, practices and acceptance at the ground level
To promote self learning, shared learning and problem solving
To evangelize Agile Testing and help innovate in the testing area


Organizing learning sessions including hands-on testing sessions
Organizing and promoting testing conference for the local region
Supporting book/article/paper writing efforts
Helping testing community
Promoting knowledge sharing through free webinars
Recognizing and Rewarding local talent

So let us together to learn and discuss the latest in Agile and Testing, Test Automation using BDD tools like Cucumber, Selenium. Learn about the latest industry trends such as IoT, Big Data, DevOps etc, and see how Testing and QA professionals need to upgrade their skills to meet the industry needs. Meet learning need of QA professionals in the Den Haag region. Lets Learn, Share, Collaborate and be Agile